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“Are you searching best gate civil engineering reference books ?
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Gate 2017 – 2018
Civil Engineering Reference Books

General Aptitude :

Verbal Ability :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Objective English for Competitive ExaminationsHari Mohan Prasad , Uma Rani Sinha Flipkart Amazon
2.How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma , Meenakshi Upadhyay Flipkart Amazon

Numerical Ability :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CATArun Sharma Flipkart Amazon
2.How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CATArun Sharma Flipkart Amazon

Engineering Mathematics :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Higher Engineering MathematicsB. S. Grewal Flipkart Amazon
2.Higher Engineering MathematicsBandaru Ramana Flipkart Amazon
3.*Advanced Engineering Mathematics Erwin Kreyszig Flipkart Amazon
4.Advanced Engineering Mathematics Michael Greenberg Flipkart Amazon

Engineering Mathematics Guide Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1. GATE Engineering Mathematics : For All Streams Arihant Publications Flipkart Amazon
2.GATE Engineering & Mathematics General Apptitude 2017G. K. Publications Flipkart Amazon
3.Engineering Mathematics GATE 2017 Made Easy Publication Flipkart Amazon

Engineering Mathematics Solved Papers Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Gate Paper Mathematics 2017 : Solved Paper 2000-2016 G. K. Publications Flipkart Amazon
2. GATE - 2017 Engineering Mathematics : Solved Papers 1993-2016 ACE Engineering Publications Flipkart Amazon


Civil Engineering Engineering :

Structural Engineering :

Mechanics :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials : Mechanics Of SolidsR K Bansal Flipkart Amazon
2.Strength Of Materials(Mechanics Of Solids)R. S. Khurmi Flipkart Amazon

Structural Analysis :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Theory of StructuresS. Ramamrutham , R. Narayan Flipkart Amazon
2.Theory Of StructuresAshok Kumar Jain Flipkart Amazon
3.Theory Of StructuresR. S. Khurmi Flipkart Amazon
4.Theory of StructuresS. P. Gupta, G. S. Pandit , R. Gupta Flipkart Amazon

Concrete Structures :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Reinforced Concrete DesignS. Pillai , Devdas Menon Flipkart Amazon
2.R. C. C Design(Reinforced Concrete Structures)B. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon

Steel Structures :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Limit State Design of Steel Structures S. K. Duggal Flipkart Amazon
2.Design Of Steel Structures L Negi Flipkart Amazon
3.Design of Steel StructuresN. Subramanian Flipkart Amazon
4.Design of Steel Structures S. S. Bhavikatti Flipkart Amazon

Geotechnical Engineering :

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Soil Mechanics and Foundations B. C. Punmia , Arun Kumar Jain, Ashok Kumar Jain Flipkart Amazon
2.Soil Mechanics And Foundation EngineeringS. K. Garg Flipkart Amazon
3.Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering K. R. Arora Flipkart Amazon
4.Textbook of Soil Mechanics and Foundation EngineeringV.N.S. Murthy Flipkart Amazon

Water Resources Engineering :

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic MachinesR. K. Bansal Flipkart Amazon
2.Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Including Hydraulics Machines P. N. Modi Flipkart Amazon
3.Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines: Problems and SolutionsK Subramanya Flipkart Amazon
4.A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines in SI UnitsR. K. Rajput Flipkart Amazon
5.A Textbook Of Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulic MechanicsR S Khurmi Flipkart Amazon

Hydrology : 

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Engineering HydrologyK Subramanya Flipkart Amazon

Irrigation :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic StructuresSantosh Kumar Garg Flipkart Amazon

Environmental Engineering :

Water requirements, Air Pollution, Municipal Solid Wastes & Noise Pollution : 

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Environmental Engineering-IB. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon
2.Environmental Engineering-IIB. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon
3.Environmental Engineering-ISantosh Kumar Garg Flipkart Amazon
4.Environmental Engineering-IISantosh Kumar Garg Flipkart Amazon
5.Environmental Engineering Howard S. Peavy , Donald R. Rowe, George Tchobanoglous Flipkart Amazon
6.Environmental Pollution Control EngineeringC. S. Rao Flipkart Amazon

Transportation Engineering :

Highway Planning : 

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Highway EngineeringS. K. Khanna, C. E. G. Justo Flipkart

Traffic Engineering :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Traffic Engineering and Transport PlanningL. R. Kadiyali Flipkart Amazon

Surveying :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.Surveying (Volume - 1) B. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon
2.Surveying (Volume - 2) B. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon
3.Surveying (Volume - 3) B. C. Punmia Flipkart Amazon

Gate 2016 – 2017 Civil Engineering Guide Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.IES, GATE, PSUs: A Handbook on Civil Engineering Made Easy Publications Flipkart Amazon
2.Handbook on Civil Engineering IES, GATE, PSUs & Other Competitive ExamsMade Easy Publications Flipkart Amazon
3.Fully Solved Multiple Choice Questions for IES, GATE, PSUs Civil EngineeringMade Easy Publications Flipkart Amazon
4.Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type QuestionsS. P. Gupta Flipkart Amazon
5.Civil Engineering : Objective Type and Conventional Questions and AnswersR. Agor Flipkart Amazon
6.Civil Engineering (Conventional & Objective Type)R. S. Khurmi, J. K. Gupta Flipkart Amazon
7.GATE Tutor 2016 - Civil Engineering Prasant Dixit Flipkart Amazon
8.GATE 2017 - GATE Guide Civil Engineering G. K. Publications Flipkart Amazon
9.GATE - Mentor 2016 Civil Engineering Cengage Learning India Pvt. Ltd. Flipkart Amazon

Gate 2016 – 2017 Civil Engineering Solved Papers Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthorFlipkartAmazon
1.GATE - Civil Engineering 2017 : 25 Years Solved Papers with Thorough Explanations Made Easy Publications Flipkart Amazon
2.GATE - Civil Engineering 2017 : Solved Papers 2000 - 2016 G. K. Publications Flipkart Amazon
3.GATE -2017 Civil Engineering : Solved Paper 1987-2016Ace Engineering Publications Flipkart Amazon

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  1. I am studying in 6th sem ,B.Tech Civil
    I have completed coaching for GATE in my campus.
    Now I am confused how to proceed with preparation .
    Should I read core subjects in depth or keep practicing questions.
    I am able to put 30 hours every week for preparation.
    I want to achieve AIR within 100.
    What else can I do?

    • If you are studying well in your B. Tech course then you need not to worry much about GATE exam.
      You have completed GATE coaching it will surely help you to get good rank in GATE exam.

      First of all analyse GATE previous 20-30 years papers.
      So that you have a good idea of what kind of question they asked in GATE exam and specially from which areas. Those areas which asked mostly study in little depth in those. Also which subjects contain more ratio in GATE marks, prepare deeper them than other subjects. Don’t forgot to prepare Mathematics and General Aptitude along with your Technical subjects these subject contain 30% marks in 100% GATE marks and will play a key role in your ranking in top 100.

      As you mentioned you have 30 hours every week for preparation. So first of all make a plan for GATE exam its almost 1 year to GATE exam from now. First make a plan for 6 months which must include preparation time table week wise and month wise. In this 6 month you have to complete your whole syllabus including deep study of all subjects. After 6 months start solving as much as possible questions from standard books and join as much as possible GATE test series so that you can do better perform in GATE exam. Remember always take a place for revision in your plan, revision is most important part of preparation.

      Never run in rush understand what GATE exam wants from you, You will surely get succeed.
      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  2. I just got into 7th sem but my basics are still not clear. How to prepare for gate exams? Is it necessary to join coaching because we have financial problem.

  3. arvind puri goswami

    I studying B.E. 5th sem .very confusion in prepration for gate .what will i do ? how be prepare

  4. Sir! Currently I have completed my 3rd yr, B.tech from Civil Stream and I want to crack Gate 2016 preparing self from now. Nearly approx. 6 months are left for Gate Exam. And I don’t want to join any coaching such as Made Easy etc institutes. I am also little weaker in studies so frankly I am not genius thus I quit the option of joining any coaching becz might there guidance and fast running of course completion may bounce over my head. So I need your little counselling Sir to provide me guidance to crack and qualify in Gate 2016 with good marks so that I get any semi-government college for M.Tech via Structural Engineering.

  5. Sir at present I am second year student of civil branch please suggest me how to prepare for gate from this time I have revised my second semester syllabus

  6. Sir At present I am 3rd year studand and want to crack the gate exam. Please sir guide me so that I can crack it. Can’t do coaching

  7. Sir i am a student of b tech 3rd yera and i want to do study for gete entrance so i should i do please tell me

  8. Mohammed hassain. B

    Hello sir….I am in third year right now.how important is that about video lectures…is that will lead to a right path sir…..

    • Hello Mohammed,

      It’s depends upon you. How much you get from those videos.
      Videos, notes, books, guides all are useful for preparation.
      Important is how you use them for your GATE preparation and how much you get from them.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  9. Sir, I am B.E./ C.E. 2015 passed out. I just started preparing for Gate 2016.
    There’s less than 6 months, can I crack gate ?
    I need to score 40 plus score to join in a good IIT institute!
    what can i do?

  10. hello sir currently i am in 3rd semester i am an aspirant of gate 2018 please guide at present on what topics i should focus more in gate point of view

  11. Exccellent website..I have more information I need for u..

  12. hello sir,
    i have completed my B.TECH CIVIL . now i want to write my GATE 2016 . i need your guidance in preparing and also to score a very good marks in the exam.time limit is short .so do it necessary to go for coaching centres and to read all referred books? how can i improve myself to appear for exam rather than going for coaching centres?

  13. hi sir i am now third year civil branch sir i have purchased book of arihanth publication so what i have to do further

  14. sir i am very confusion in 4 th year student and prepration for gate what will i do?..how are prepra..

  15. I am pursuing my 2nd year BE CIVIL how can i prepare for my gate exams from now

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am a passout. i have whole to study have little idea about gate n subject. i know imp subject. there are 2 months from today can you please help how to prepare in these two months.

  17. Hello sir this is rakesh I am in first year right now
    I want to prepare for gate and would like to get best rank
    In gate can u please help me Hw to start my preparation so as to get success??

  18. hi, i am a student of 6th sem civil engineering.I will be appearing in 2017 for gate. Should i go for a coaching or mere self study can help me in achieving a good rank in GATE

  19. Sir,
    Now am in my 3rd year 2nd sem ending stage.stil I didnt started my preparation for GATE’17.I would like to take an advice from when I need to start,the thing is am having exams frm apr 18th to may 13.

  20. Sir, I am doing B.Tech in CE. My 6th semester is going to over in last may. So can you help me with the plan so that I could cover my syllabus and do revision. I can get 30-40 hours a week. Please reply soon.

  21. Sir , i am in 6th sem BE, CE… i have only 7 month for gate exam… how to time use to qualifying gate exam.. i know time is less.. but u give me suggestion .. and which books reading ? .. Except of BE subject

  22. Sir I am studying in 4th yr 1st sem. Is it good for me to join gate coaching or self study is better? Kindly suggest

  23. Sir, My son wants to appear in Gate (Civil) in 2017. Pl advice good books for his preparation. Pl advice me by mobile no. (9582712363), so that he can prepare accordingly. Thanks, Rameshwar Rai, Mob : 9582712363

  24. Sir how to start to preparation for gate.
    Now I am 3 rd year.

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