DSSSB Teacher Salary 2024: PGT, TGT, PRT & Other



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DSSSB Teacher Salary 2024 – Aspirants who wants to join DSSSB have to go through a selection process.

A candidate who clear all the levels of selection process will be eligible for the selection in DSSSB.

In order to keep you aspirants motivated for DSSSB examination, We are writing this article focusing on DSSSB various Posts Salary, Allowances, Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities, Pay Scale, Career Prospects, Growth, Opportunities and more.

1. Salary

DSSSB (Post) Salary in Hand & Pay Scale

  • Name of Post: All Posts through DSSSB
  • Salary:
  • Group “B”: ₹ 35,000 – 55,000 /- (Approx.)
  • Group “C”: ₹ 20,000 – 40,000 /- (Approx.)

The Gross Monthly Pay, hence, comes out to be as follows:

  1. PRT – ₹ 51,006 /- (Approx.)
  2. TGT – ₹ 63,641 /- (Approx.)
  3. PGT – ₹ 67,232 /- (Approx.)
    However, the deductions due to NPS, Income tax reduce this Gross Pay amount slightly.

Pay Scale :
Group “B” : ₹ 9,300-34,800 /- & Grade Pay : ₹ 5400/-, ₹ 4800/-, ₹ 4600/- and ₹ 4200/-
Group “C” : ₹ 5,200-20,200 /- & Grade Pay : ₹ 2800/-, ₹ 2400/-, ₹ 2000/-, ₹ 1900/- and ₹ 1800/-

S.No.Classification of PostsDescription of Posts
1Group-BA post carrying the following grade pay :- ₹5400, ₹4800, ₹4600 and
₹4200 in the scale of pay of Rs 9300 – 34800 in the Pay Band-2
2Group-CA post carrying the following grade pay :- ₹2800, ₹2400, ₹2000, ₹1900 and
₹1800 in the scale of pay of ₹5200-20200 in the Pay Band-1

1.1 DSSSB (Post) Salary (After 6th Pay Commission)

S.No.Post NamePay Scale ()Grade Pay ()Salary in Hand ()
1.Junior Engineer (Civil)9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
2.Junior Engineer (Mechanical)9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
3.Patwari5,200 -20,2002,00020,000-30,000
4.Legal Assistant9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
5.Special Educator9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
6.Primary Teacher9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
7.Special Education Teacher9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
8.Asstt. Teacher (Nursery)9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
9.Asstt. Teacher (Primary)9,300-34,8004,20035,000-45,000
10.Physical Edn. Teacher9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
11.Drawing Teacher9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
12.Domestic Science Teacher9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
13.PGT Home Science – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
14.PGT Physical Education – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
15.PGT Physical Education – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
16.PGT Fine Art – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
17.PGT Fine Art – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
18.PGT Music – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
19.PGT Music – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
20.PGT Biology – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
21.PGT Biology – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
22.PGT Chemistry – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
23.PGT Chemistry – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
24.PGT Commerce – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
25.PGT Commerce – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
26.PGT Economics – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
27.PGT Economics – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
28.PGT English – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
29.PGT English – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
30.PGT Hindi – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
31.PGT Hindi – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
32.PGT History – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
33.PGT History – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
34.PGT Pol. Science – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
35.PGT Pol. Science – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
36.PGT Sanskrit – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
37.PGT Sanskrit – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
38.PGT Geography – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
39.PGT Geography – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
40.PGT Maths – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
41.PGT Maths – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
42.PGT Physics – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
43.PGT Physics – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
44.PGT Punjabi – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
45.PGT Punjabi – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
46.PGT Urdu – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
47.PGT Urdu – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
48.PGT Agriculture – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
49.PGT Sociology – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
50.PGT Sociology – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
51.TGT English – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
52.TGT English – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
53.TGT Maths – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
54.TGT Maths – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
55.TGT Natural Science – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
56.TGT Natural Science – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
57.TGT Social Science – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
58.TGT Social Science – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
59.TGT Bengali – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
60.TGT Hindi – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
61.TGT Hindi – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
62.TGT Punjabi – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
63.TGT Punjabi – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
64.TGT Sanskrit – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
65.TGT Sanskrit – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
66.TGT Urdu – Male9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
67.TGT Urdu – Female9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000
68.(EVGC) – Male9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
69.(EVGC) – Female9,300-34,8004,80045,000-55,000
70.Music Teacher9,300-34,8004,60040,000-50,000

1.2 DSSSB (Post) Salary (After 7th Pay Commission)

ComponentPRT TeacherTGT TeacherPGT Teacher
Basic Pay35,40044,90047,600
DA (9% on basic)3,1864,0414,284
HRA (24% on Basic)8,49610,77611,424
Transport Allowances3,6003,6003,600
DA on TA (9% on TA)324324324
Gross Pay51,00663,64167,232
Income Tax + GIS1,500 (Approx.)2,500 (Approx.)3,000 (Approx.)
Total Deductions5,3597,3958,190
Net Salary (approx.)45,647 (Approx.)56,246 (Approx.)59,042 (Approx.)

1.3 DSSSB PGT Teacher Salary

CTC of PGT Teacher is Rs. 9 lakhs (Approx.). The net salary for a DSSSB PGT teacher is Rs. 59,042 per month (approximately) and the Basic Pay provided to a PGT teacher is Rs. 47,600.

1.4 DSSSB TGT, Music & Drawing Teacher Salary

CTC of TGT/Music/Drawing Teacher is Rs. 8 lakhs (Approx.). The net salary for a DSSSB TGT/Music/Drawing teacher is Rs. 56,246 per month (approximately) and the Basic Pay provided to a TGT/Music/Drawing teacher is Rs. 44,900.

1.5 DSSSB PRT Teacher Salary

CTC of PRT Teacher is Rs. 7 lakhs (Approx.). The net salary for a DSSSB PRT teacher is Rs. 45,647 per month (approximately) and the Basic Pay provided to a PRT teacher is Rs. 35,400.

2. DSSSB (Post) Facilities & Allowances

DSSSB (Post) will not only get handsome salary but also get good amount of facilities & allowances. Which will also provided to newly recruited JE, PGT, TGT, PRT of the DSSSB as given below :

  1. Residential Quarters or HRA (which is 24% of the basic pay). It depends upon whether the employee takes up the quarters provided or arranges his/her own accommodation.
  2. Dearness Allowance (DA), which is 9% of the basic pay.
  3. Transport Allowance (TA), which is fixed at Rs.3,600 per month, for both the groups.
  4. Maternity Leave, of atleast 6 months to Women.
  5. Medical Allowances, to assist in the medical expenses of the employee.

3. DSSSB (Post) Salary FAQs

How to apply for DSSSB posts?

The complete application process is now online using official DSSSB website https://dsssbonline.nic.in/, including the payment of fees (via eSBI).

What is the Application fees for DSSSB?

The fees are Rs.100 for General and OBC category males, while it is free for the remaining categories and all females.

What is the maximum age limit for applying for DSSSB?

PGT - 36 years, TGT and Music Teacher - 32 years, PRT - 30 years, AE, JE - 27 to 32 years.

Is there maternity leave in DSSSB?

DSSSB offers paid maternity leave for 6 months.

On which pay commission salary for DSSSB posts is based on?

The Salary for DSSSB posts is based on the 7th Pay commission.

How is the promotional scope at DSSSB?

The promotions are made based on the performance of the employees.

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