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Explore the comprehensive GATE General Aptitude (GA) syllabus for 2024 to kickstart your exam preparation and achieve success.

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GATE GA Syllabus 2024 – GATE 2024 exam will be conduct by IISc, Bangalore on dates 3, 4 and 10, 11 February, 2024.

Here we have provided latest General Aptitude syllabus & paper pattern for GATE 2024 aspirants.

All GATE 2024 candidates are advised to download this latest syllabus before starting their GATE 2024 exam preparation.

GATE General Aptitude Paper Pattern 2024

There are three sections in the paper for paper codes – AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ES, GE, IN, ME, MN, MT, NM, PE, PI, TF and XE. Which are as shown in below table :

Paper SectionsMarks Distribution
Subject Questions72% of the total marks.
Engineering Mathemetics13% of the total marks.
General Aptitude15% of the total marks.

The General Aptitude section in GATE carries 15% of the total marks.

It consists of a total of 10 questions, with 5 questions in the Verbal Ability sub-section and 5 questions in the Numerical Ability sub-section.

The questions are of both multiple-choice type (MCQ) and numerical answer type (NAT).

For MCQs, candidates have to choose the correct option, while for NATs, candidates have to enter the numerical value as the answer using a virtual keyboard.

There are two sections in the paper for paper codes – AR, CY, DA, EY, GG, MA, PH, ST, XH and XL. Which are as shown in below table :

Paper SectionsMarks Distribution
Subject Questions85% of the total marks.
General Aptitude15% of the total marks.

GATE General Aptitude Syllabus Details 2024

Part 1 :  Verbal Aptitude

Basic English grammar: tenses, articles, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, verb-noun agreement, and other parts of speech Basic vocabulary: words, idioms, and phrases in context Reading and comprehension, Narrative sequencing.

GATE Verbal Ability Syllabus 2024
ArticlesWords and Phrases
VocabularyParts of speech
ConjunctionsVerb-noun agreement
Comprehension & readingNarrative sequencing
Sentence completionVerbal analogies
Critical reasoningWord groups

Part 2 :  Quantitative Aptitude

Data interpretation: data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing data), 2- and 3-dimensional plots, maps, and tables Numerical computation and estimation: ratios, percentages, powers, exponents and logarithms, permutations and combinations, and series Mensuration and geometry Elementary statistics and probability.

GATE Numerical Aptitude Syllabus 2024
Elementary Statistics & probabilityGeometry
Data interpretationData- Graphs (bar graph, histogram, pie chart, and other data graphs), 2- and 3- dimensional plots, Maps, and Tables
MensurationNumerical computation & estimation- Powers, Series, Exponents, Percentages, Permutations, Combinations, Ratios, and Logarithms
Numerical reasoning

Part 3 :  Analytical Aptitude

Logic: deduction and induction
Numerical relations and reasoning

GATE Analytical Aptitude Syllabus 2024
Logic: deduction and inductionAnalogy
Number relations & reasoning

Part 4 :  Spatial Aptitude

Transformation of shapes: translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping, Paper folding, cutting, and patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions.

GATE Spatial Aptitude Syllabus 2024
TranslationPaper folding & 2-D and 3-D patterns

GATE GA Syllabus 2024 PDF

GATE 2024 General Aptitude (GA) Syllabus PDF
(Common to all papers)

GATE General Aptitude Books 2024

GATE General Aptitude (GA) Reference Books Follow me

To prepare for the General Aptitude section of GATE, here are some highly recommended books:

1. “A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal:

This book covers a wide range of topics in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, which will help you improve your language and analytical skills.

2. “High School English Grammar and Composition” by Wren & Martin:

This book is a comprehensive guide to English grammar and will help you strengthen your grammar concepts.

3. “Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations” by R.S. Aggarwal:

This book provides a thorough understanding of numerical ability topics and includes numerous practice questions and solved examples.

GATE General Aptitude Preparation Tips 2024

To prepare effectively for the General Aptitude section of GATE, here are some tips:

  1.  Familiarize yourself with the syllabus and exam pattern to understand the topics and weightage.
  2. Develop a study plan and allocate sufficient time for each topic.
  3. Practice regularly by solving previous years’ question papers and sample papers to get acquainted with the question patterns and improve your speed and accuracy.
  4. Improve your language skills by reading newspapers, magazines, and novels. This will enhance your vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities.
  5. Work on your numerical and mathematical skills by practicing mathematical problems and calculations regularly.
  6. Take mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment and assess your performance.

GATE General Aptitude Syllabus FAQs

What is the purpose of the General Aptitude section in the GATE exam?

The General Aptitude section in GATE serves to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in language comprehension, analytical abilities, and numerical reasoning. It is designed to assess skills that are essential for success in diverse engineering careers.

What are the key components of the General Aptitude syllabus in GATE?

The General Aptitude section includes topics such as Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, and Analytical Ability. It covers areas like sentence completion, word analogies, numerical computation, and data interpretation.

How many marks are allotted to the General Aptitude section, and how is it distributed?

The General Aptitude section in GATE carries a total of 15 marks, distributed across 5 questions. Each question may be worth either 1 or 2 marks, contributing to the overall score of the exam.

Is the General Aptitude syllabus the same for all GATE papers?

Yes, the General Aptitude syllabus is uniform for all GATE papers. Every candidate, regardless of their specific engineering discipline, is required to prepare for and attempt this section.

How can I effectively prepare for the General Aptitude section in GATE?

Effective preparation for the General Aptitude section involves practicing regularly with sample questions, solving previous years' papers, and referring to standard books on aptitude and grammar. Developing time management skills is crucial for success in this section.

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