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Find an extensive array of GATE study material for Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC), comprising textbooks, reference guides, online courses, and solved papers. Elevate your preparation with dedicated resources for GATE EC aspirants.

How to download gate study material for electronics & communication 2023 exam?
Where to find gate study material for electronics & communication engineering 2023 exam?

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. 
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gate study material ec

GATE Electronics & Communication Study Material – Here we are posting some study material of Electronics & Communication Engineering in the hope this study material will help GATE / PSUs aspirants.

Please find study material of all the subject related to Electronics & Communication Engineering stream. We are in the process of increasing the number of subjects and more study material. We are trying our level best to help you all.

GATE 2025 Highlights

GATE 2025 Conducting BodyIIT, Roorkee
GATE 2025 Exam Date1, 2, 8, 9 February, 2025
GATE 2025 Total Subjects30
GATE 2025 Exam ModeONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT)
GATE 2025 Exam Duration3 hours (180 minutes)
GATE 2025 Total Questions10 (GA) + 55 (subject)= 65
GATE 2025 Total Marks100
GATE 2025 Question TypeMCQ, MSQ, NAT

GATE Study Material for Electronics & Communication Engineering Free Download [PDF] – 2023

S.No.GATE Study Material for Civil

Analog Electronics

1.Analog Electronics (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Analog Electronics (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Analog Electronics NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Digital Electronics

1.Digital Electronics (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Digital Electronics (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Digital Electronics NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Electronics Device & Circuits

1.Electronics Device & Circuits (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Electronics Device & Circuits (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Electronics Device & Circuits NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Signals & Systems

1.Signals & Systems (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Signals & Systems (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Signals & Systems NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Communication Systems

1.Communication Systems (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Communication Systems (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Communication Systems NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Electromagnatic Theory

1.Electromagnatic Theory (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Electromagnatic Theory (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy
2.Electromagnatic Theory NPTEL Notes – (Web)

Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations

1.Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy

Network Theory

1.Network Theory (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Network Theory (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy

Material Science

1.Material Science (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Material Science (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy

Control Systems

1.Control Systems (Handwritten) Notes – ACE Academy
2.Control Systems (Handwritten) Notes – Made Easy

Above provided study material is for information purpose and completely free.

If you find these study material useful and want to join these coaching institutes whose study material we have provided here, you may refer their official website for more information & guidance related to GATE/IES/PSUs courses.

GATE Study Material for Electronics & Communication Engineering FAQs

Is it necessary to purchase specialized GATE study material for Electronics & Communication Engineering, or can standard textbooks suffice?

While standard textbooks are crucial for building a strong foundation, GATE study material for Electronics & Communication Engineering is designed to be more focused and exam-oriented. It often includes concise summaries, practice questions, and strategies specific to GATE, making it a valuable supplement.

Are there specific publishers or sources known for high-quality GATE study material in Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Reputed publishers such as Made Easy, ACE Academy, and GKP are known for producing quality GATE study material for Electronics & Communication Engineering. It's essential to choose material from trusted sources that align with the GATE syllabus.

How frequently is GATE study material updated to reflect changes in the exam pattern or syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Reliable GATE study material providers strive to keep their content up-to-date with any changes in the GATE exam pattern or syllabus. Regular revisions are made to ensure that the material remains relevant and aligned with the latest developments in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Can digital resources replace physical study material for GATE preparation in Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Both digital and physical formats have their advantages. Many GATE study materials for Electronics & Communication Engineering are available in digital form, providing convenience and accessibility. However, some students prefer physical copies for note-taking and a traditional study approach.

How should one effectively use GATE study material to maximize preparation for Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Start by thoroughly understanding the GATE syllabus and exam pattern for Electronics & Communication Engineering. Systematically use the study material, focusing on weak areas first. Regularly practice with mock tests, previous year question papers, and create a study schedule to cover all topics in a structured manner.

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