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The list of GATE toppers for a specific year is typically announced by the organizing institute after the results are declared. You can find the official list of GATE toppers for each year on the official website of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).

“What was the marks of gate toppers for the recruitment in 2023?
What was name of gate toppers for the recruitment in 2023?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind nowadays. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

GATE Toppers List 2023 – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore will announce GATE toppers 2024 along with the declaration of GATE result 2024.

The GATE exam conducting authority will update the subject-wise GATE toppers 2023 list. Candidates who have registered for GATE 2023 exam will be able to check the GATE toppers list 2023 on the official website,

GATE 2023 exam dates are scheduled on February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2023. In this article, candidates will be able to check the GATE 2023 toppers for all 29 subjects. GATE 2023 result declaration date is 16 March, 2023.

Here in the below table we have provided GATE 2023 toppers name & marks. Candidate may use this information for their GATE 2023 rank calculation. Also candidate may use this information for their upcoming GATE 2024 exam preparation.

GATE Toppers List 2023 – Name & Marks

Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Architecture and Planning
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Information Technology
Ecology and Evolution
Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Engineering Sciences: Solid Mechanics & Thermodynamics
Environmental Science and Engineering
Geology and Geophysics: Geophysics
Geology and Geophysics: Geology
Geomatics Engineering
Humanities and Social Sciences: Economics
Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology
Humanities and Social Sciences: Linguistics
Humanities and Social Sciences: Philosophy
Humanities and Social Sciences: Sociology
Humanities and Social Sciences: English
Instrumentation Engineering
Life Sciences: Biochemistry & Botany
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Production and Industrial Engineering
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science

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GATE Toppers List 2022 – Name & Marks

Aerospace EngineeringAalokeparno Dhar83.331000
Agricultural EngineeringVaibhav Awasthi81.00997
Architecture and PlanningThatipally Raja Hari Chandar79.671000
Biomedical EngineeringSwarnendu Majumder45.331000
BiotechnologyAyush Bagchi73985
Chemical EngineeringTetala Mani Sandeep Reddy681000
Civil EngineeringAbhishek Agrawal97.361000
Computer Science and Information TechnologyAbhinav Garg811000
Ecology and EvolutionAparna Krishnan & Wenzel Pinto71 (Both)989 (Both)
Electrical EngineeringGaurav Kumar92.671000
Electronics and Communication EngineeringRam Balaji S781000
Engineering Sciences: Solid Mechanics & ThermodynamicsNeel Ramchandra Sailor94978
Environmental Science and EngineeringSaurabh Singh Yadav771000
Geology and Geophysics: GeophysicsSatrughan Singh Choudhary & Bharat Joshi78.67 (Both)940 (Both)
Geology and Geophysics: GeologyIndrajit Kower91.331000
Geomatics EngineeringMohit Panwar80979
Humanities and Social Sciences: EconomicsVipul Yadav881000
Humanities and Social Sciences: PsychologyRiya Sharma84982
Humanities and Social Sciences: LinguisticsDevangan Roy681000
Humanities and Social Sciences: PhilosophyPriyanka Gairola73972
Humanities and Social Sciences: SociologyNavneet Gaurav Dubey83.67994
Humanities and Social Sciences: EnglishUmesh Bansal77.67971
Instrumentation EngineeringMacherla Pranith Kumar88.33940
Life Sciences: Biochemistry & BotanySwarnadip Ghosh681000
MathematicsRoyal Pradhan63.33997
Mechanical EngineeringNikhil Kumar Saha90.051000
Metallurgical EngineeringMohit Patidar80.67952
Mining EngineeringMahesh Kumar64.67973
Naval Architecture and Marine EngineeringPrabhav58.331000
Petroleum EngineeringShrinath Shaileshbhai Jani82980
PhysicsArchisman Panigrahi681000
Production and Industrial EngineeringSourabh Patel95986
StatisticsAnirban Chakraborty491000
Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceAnkit Chaurasiya81.331000

GATE Toppers Name & Marks FAQs

Can I find the names and marks of GATE toppers online?

No, the names and marks of GATE toppers are generally not disclosed publicly to respect their privacy. The focus is usually on their strategies and study approaches rather than specific personal details.

How can knowing the marks of GATE toppers benefit my preparation?

While specific marks may not be available, studying the strategies, habits, and preparation methods of GATE toppers, often shared in interviews or articles, can provide valuable insights to enhance your own preparation.

Are there any common characteristics among GATE toppers in terms of study habits?

Many GATE toppers emphasize consistent and focused study routines, effective time management, thorough revision, and a deep understanding of core concepts. Learning from their habits can help you optimize your own study plan.

Do GATE toppers always have a background in coaching institutes?

While some GATE toppers may have attended coaching institutes, others succeed through self-study. It depends on individual preferences and learning styles. The key is to find a study approach that works best for you.

Can I contact GATE toppers for guidance or mentorship?

While direct contact details may not be readily available, many toppers share their experiences and advice through social media, blogs, or interviews. Following their public platforms can be a way to gain insights and indirectly benefit from their experiences.

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