How to Prepare for GATE 2021 Without Coaching ?


“How to qualify gate 2019 without coaching ?
How should I prepare for gate 2019 without coaching ?
How can I prepare for gate without coaching ?”
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

 How to Prepare for GATE 2020 Without Coaching  – There are many candidates who have requested us to provide a pathway about how one can prepare GATE exam without coaching or how one can crack gate exam in his/her very first attempt either along with graduation or after graduation. Keeping this point in mind we are here writing this article about preparing GATE 2019 exam without joining any coaching institute.

As you all knows Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most popular exam among engineering graduates and one of the toughest exams of India. So you must know that it would not be easy to clear this exam without a good amount of effort. If you are going to prepare this exam without taking any help of any coaching institute then you have to put some extra effort in your GATE 2019 exam preparation.

There could be many reasons why one can not join coaching institute for his/her GATE 2019 exam preparation. We are here listing few of them. May be you are facing one of them right now.

(1) Family Economical Condition
You wanted to join coaching institute for your GATE 2019 exam preparation but your family condition does’t support you.

(2) Already Doing a Job
There are many candidate who wanted to join coaching institute for their GATE 2019 exam preparation but can’t join because of the busy schedule of job.

(3) Family Problem (Except Economical Problem) / Physical Problem
There are many candidate who wanted to join coaching institute for their GATE 2019 exam preparation but can’t join because of some family problems or physical problem’s of themselves.

(4) Unavailability of Good Coaching Institute
 There are many candidate who wanted to join coaching institute for their GATE 2019 exam preparation but can’t join because of unavailability of good coaching institute in their area where they live.

Mostly good coaching institutes located in big cities so candidates from small cities or villages who are preparing for GATE 2019 can’t join coaching for their GATE 2019 exam preparation.

Here we are listing some facts about GATE exam and it’s preparation without coaching which you are going to face during this preparation period. You need to accept all these facts before staring your GATE 2019 exam preparation self.

(1) You are going to prepare self for one of the toughest exam among engineering graduates in which candidates success rate is just 15-16%. Only 15-16% candidates of total appearing candidates are able to clear the cut-off for qualifying this exam.

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(2) There would not be any physical mentor available for you all the time / everyday. You are the mentor of yourself and your books / Notes / Internet.

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Here we are providing some key points or suggestion which will help you in your GATE 2019 exam preparation without coaching.

1. Know About GATE 2019

First of all get all the necessary information about GATE 2019 exam for this you can refer GATE 2019 information brochure.  Exam Information brochure is one which contain all the important information about the exam.

Must Check : GATE 2019 Information Brochure

One who want to prepare for GATE must have proper knowledge about latest Paper pattern & Syllabus of GATE 2019. I mean to say you must have a copy of latest GATE Paper pattern & Syllabus with you but you need not to check every time, it must in your mind.

Must Check : GATE 2019 Paper Pattern & Syllabus

2. Know About Study Plan

After getting all the important information about GATE exam and it’s paper pattern & syllabus you must make a proper plan which must completely designed as per your requirement, time availability and interest. There are few points which you must consider while designing GATE 2019 exam preparation plan. These points are as written below :

(1) How you are going to start each subject ?
(2) How much you are going to prepare from a particular subject ?
(3) How many days you would require to prepare a particular subject ?
(4) How many days you would require for revision during & after completing a subject ?
(5) How many days you would require to complete a subject completely ?
(6) How many days you would require to complete all subjects ?
(7) How many days you would require for revision during the last month of preparation ?
(8) How many days you would require for revision during the last days of preparation ?
(9) How you are going to revise all the subjects a day before GATE 2019 exam ?

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Keep in mind all these and other necessary points from your point of view and make a proper plan for GATE 2019 exam preparation which suits you completely. Remember, You must always follow that plan without any fail.

3. Know About Your Knowledge

After making a plan of study for GATE 2019 exam you must check your knowledge. You must have thinking that how one can check his/her knowledge ? Check points which are as written below :

(1) In how many subjects you are weak ?
(2) In how many subjects you are average ?
(3) In how many subjects you are strong ?

For example there are 10 subjects in your GATE syllabus and you are strong in 4, average in 3 and weak in rest 3 subjects. You can start your GATE 2019 exam preparation from strong subjects or weak subjects but you must keep in mind that strong subjects must completed within a short period of time because weak subjects will require must greater time than strong subjects of you. The topics in which you are weak, needs more attention and time for preparation.

“When you have more time for GATE prepare, clear your concepts. 
When you have less time for GATE prepare, know which subjects have more weightage.”

4. Know About Important Topics

After checking your knowledge you must analyse important topics of each subject. You must have thinking that how one can check important topics ? Check points which are as written below :

(1) Analyse previous 20-30 years GATE papers of your subject.
For example there are 20 topics in a GATE syllabus of a particular subject and 10 topics are the topics from where examiner asked question mostly. 5 topics are the topics from where examiner asked questions after 2-3 years gap. 5 topics are the topics from where examiner asked questions hardly. So you must keep your eye on those topics mainly which are asked frequently.

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(2) Analyse previous 4-5 years GATE papers of the GATE organising institute i.e., GATE 2019. It will help you to get an idea about paper difficulty level, paper preparation style i.e., theoretical, numerical, analytical etc.

Must Check : Year Wise List of GATE Organizing Institutes

5. Know About Yourself

Apart from all these points there are some points which you will not find in any book and no one will suggest you those things because these things vary person to person. So you must necessarily consider those points while preparing for any kind of competitive exams. These are the things which are related to you only. So only you can understand and manage them. For example many candidate like to study late night while other don’t. Many candidates like to study early morning while other don’t. There are many such things those are related to you and your life style so you must consider them while preparing plan for GATE 2019 exam.

If you need any kind of guidance or have any kind of query related to GATE 2019 examination preparation you may write it below through comment box. We will provide solution as soon as possible. Feel free to ask anything related to GATE 2019 preparation. Good Luck for your GATE 2019 Exam.

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