How to Prepare for GATE 2025 in 3 Months?



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Prepare efficiently for GATE 2024 in 3 months. Proven strategies, study plans, and tips to succeed in this concise guide.

“What to prepare for gate 2024 in these last 3 months?
How to prepare for gate 2024 in these last 2/3/4 months?
How should I prepare for gate 2024 without coaching in 3 months?

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind nowadays. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

gate 3 months

How to Prepare GATE 2024 in 3 Months – The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a highly competitive exam that opens doors to postgraduate studies and promising career opportunities.

A candidate who will qualify GATE 2024 would not only eligible to get a seat in  IISc / IITs / NITs for higher education courses like M. Tech. and P. HD. but also eligible to get call from various PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) for a job of engineering related work. This is the reason why this exam is being so popular day by day.

There are many candidates who have asked us to write a post about how to prepare for GATE 2024 in these remaining 2/3 months.

So, We are writing this article in the hope that this article will help GATE 2024 aspirants in their last time preparation.

Here we are dividing 90 days preparation strategy into 4 phases.

Out of these four phases 2 are of ’15 day’ each and rest 2 are of ’30 day’ each. Please don’t check the length of article, trust me, you won’t regret after reading this whole article.

If you’re planning to take the GATE 2024 exam and have three months to prepare, this comprehensive guide will help you maximize your chances of success.

When you go through this complete preparation plan for GATE 2024. I am sure that you would be able to crack GATE 2024 exam with a good rank. So let’s start.

1. GATE 2025 Highlights

GATE 2025 Conducting Body IIT, Roorkee
GATE 2025 Exam Date 1, 2, 8, 9 February, 2025
GATE 2025 Total Subjects 30
GATE 2025 Exam Mode ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT)
GATE 2025 Exam Duration 3 hours (180 minutes)
GATE 2025 Total Questions 10 (GA) + 55 (subject)= 65
GATE 2025 Total Marks 100
GATE 2025 Question Type MCQ, MSQ, NAT

2. GATE Last 3 Month Strategy

Phase Days Target
Phase I 1-15 Understand Basics
Phase II 16-45 Solve Problems
Phase III 46-75 Practice Mock Tests
Phase IV 76-90 Revise & Revise

Phase 1: Day 1 to 15

1. Understand Syllabus

A candidate who is preparing for GATE 2024 exam, must be familiarize with the latest GATE syllabus.

Candidates who have started their GATE 2024 exam preparation early, must have been familiarized with GATE syllabus and important subjects.

But as we all knows time left for GATE 2024 exam who are preparing in just 3 months is very less, So GATE 2024 aspirants need to be more precise now.

So before starting your GATE 2024 preparation you must first go through the complete & latest syllabus of GATE 2024.

Understand it, analyse it. Also go through the subjectwise marks distribution of each subject of your stream specially those who are starting their GATE preparation in these last few months.

“Understanding syllabus &  paper pattern of any exam is the first step towards clearing that exam.”

2. Study Material

Candidate who are preparing self for GATE 2024 must be precise in their study material selection because first they are preparing self, So their preparation is mainly dependent upon their study material and those candidates who are preparing self and started their preparation in these last few months must be more precise.

Because selection of right study material will give you better help in your preparation and also time saving while selection of wrong study material will not help you much in your GATE exam preparation but also consume your precise time of GATE exam preparation.

So before starting your preparation you must collect a good study material.

Nowadays there are many good coaching institutes which are providing exact syllabus following study material.

But before choosing any institutes study material you must consult with any of your friend or any of your senior who have good knowledge in this field or have qualified GATE.

Although study material provided by institutes exactly follow the GATE syllabus but there is always need of a good book which help you to understand a particular subject extensively.

So you must have atleast one standard book of each subject. Also a book of previous years solved papers of atleast 20-30 years.

If you can’t join any test series than collect some test series from your friends for your last time preparation.

“Study material is the mentor, Specially  for those who don’t have any mentor.”

GATE Guide Books

3. Time Allocation

When you go through the complete GATE syllabus and complete subjectwise analysis of your subject, you will find that there are some subjects which are more important and some less.

Candidates those who are starting their preparation in these last few months must concentrate first on those subjects which are more important from GATE exam point of view and give extra focus and time allocation to these subjects.

“Time management is the most important thing to achieve something which is limited by time.”

4. Time Management

GATE 2024 exam date is so close, So you can’t waste a single day of your preparation.

So here you need to organize your available time, energy and resources in the best possible manner. Make a smart schedule for your preparation as per your suitability.

Candidates must allocate their study hours during the time of the day when they feel that they can study with maximum efficiency and give their best.

Also make a plan for last time preparation too along with this plan. During last time preparation candidates need to spend more hours with their GATE 2024 preparation.

“Manage your time available so that you can use it most possible for GATE exam preparation.”

5. Fundamental Preparation

Candidates who started their preparation in these last few months must focus on the fundamentals of each subject in these first 15 days.

Clearing Fundamental is the basic need of GATE exam because in GATE exam candidate’s understanding of basic knowledge is checked on advanced level.

So start your GATE preparation with understanding fundamentals.

“Nothing is build on stone;
All is build on sand, But we must build as if the sand were stone.”

GATE/IES/PSUs Handbooks

A Handbook For Civil Engineering (2021)
Language Published: English
₹ 331

6. Reading

However GATE exam is considered a numerical questions based exam and very less theory questions but for understanding numerical as well as theoretical questions candidate have to have knowledge of that particular question about what question is being asked.

So candidate have to do study about more and more topics which he can in these 15 days. Study much but not waste your whole day to prepare a single topic.

Remember GATE exam is based on syllabus not topic and you have very less time for preparation.

“Don’t waste time on what’s not important.”

7. Short Notes

Make a habit to prepare short notes and summarizing important formulas.

This habit will save your time in last time preparation while you will revise your GATE syllabus.

Remember short notes must be short and precise and as per your understanding otherwise it will unnecessarily consume your precise time in last days of preparation and also make you confused.

Keep in mind that your have to revise your whole GATE syllabus within few hours before GATE exam day.

“Notes must be short.”

8. Don’t Waste Time

Some of you want to do Job some M. Tech. using GATE 2024 score.

So you can consider this time as one of the most important time of your life & career.

So don’t waste your time now, avoid distraction & keep your mind focused on your preparation for atleast these 3 months.

If you are not doing so, You are making yourself fool.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

Phase 2: Day 16 to 45

1. Solve Problems

As you know time is less for GATE 2024 exam, So only solve questions which are relevant to the exam.

Just solving numerous problems will not help your much. Refer previous years papers of last 20-30 years and solve them first.

You will easily understand from there that what kind of questions are being asked in GATE exam and which subject is more important from GATE exam point of view.

As you know GATE 2024 exam in going to conduct by IISc, Bangalore. So you people must solve GATE papers of the year in which GATE exam was condcuted by IISc, Bangalore.

It will give you a good idea about paper structure & design provided by IISc, Bangalore in GATE exam.

2. Solve Relevant Questions

After solving previous years GATE papers you must have a good idea about what type of questions are being asked in GATE exam.

So now solve more problems relevant to those questions from any standard book.

While solving problem keep your mind concentrate and use your all mind power to solve that particular problem.

3. Revision

Revision is really-really important for such exam where syllabus is huge and lots of things to remember.

Revise whatever you study in a day at the last of the day. So allowed some time for revision in your preparation time table.

Phase 3: Day 46 to 75

1. Mock Test

Now from here only 40-50 days are left for GATE 2024 exam. So you must start taking tests so that you can be familiarize with GATE online tests.

In this one month period you must take atleast 10-12 tests subjectwise. Nowadays there are many institutes which are providing subjectwise test series.

GATE Guide Books

2. General Aptitude & Mathematics

These subjects are of less weightage in GATE exam but are very-very important if you are aiming for good rank in GATE exam.

Without preparing these two subjects one can not be sure for his/her rank in toppers list.

If you haven’t start these subjects preparation so far then you must prepare them in this phase.

Daily 2-3 hours preparation would be sufficient for these subjects. These two subjects have 30% weightage of total marks in GATE exam.

These subjects require less preparation but mostly ignored by most of the candidates.

3. Notes Revision

Candidates do not stop revision. 

It is very important to revise what you have learned so far. So revise your notes again & again and frequently.


Phase 4: Day 76 to 90

1. More Mock Tests

This is the final phase of your preparation. In these last 15 days candidates must attend as much as mock tests they can.

Now you can attend mock tests designed as per GATE paper pattern which includes whole syllabus related to your stream.

At home revise notes and do solve more and more problems. These last days tests will help you a lot in your GATE 2024 exam.

2. More Revision

Now it’s time to revise everything whatever you have studied so far.

Revise your short notes and formulas which you have made so far in the way that you can recall them all at the day of GATE 2024 exam easily.

3. Daily Routine

Many candidates preparing for such high competitive exams mostly don’t care about their heath properly.

This inversely affect their last time preparation. So have a good sleep and balanced diet. 

4. Encourage Yourself

Most of the candidates lost faith in these last days preparation and miss a good chance of success.

So candidates must be positive, be confident and keep faith in themselves and god. Belief that your hard work and efforts will surely pay-off.

These 90 days of preparation can change your life.


We hope this article will help you in your last time preparation of GATE 2024 exam. If you follow all these steps carefully, You will surely get good rank in GATE 2024 exam.

So start your preparation for GATE 2024 exam with complete dedication. Consider GATE 2024 exam like this is the only attempt left for you.

Don’t thing that you would attend GATE 2024 with full dedication, with full preparation. Why not GATE 2024 with full dedication, with full preparation ?

Still you have almost 90 days in your hand. You have studied the same course during your engineering. You just need to recall them correctly.

So, we hope these 90 days would be sufficient for your GATE 2024 exam preparation. If you really want to crack it.

3. Assessment and Planning

In the initial phase of your preparation, it’s crucial to assess your strengths and weaknesses and set realistic goals.

Table 1: Sample Goal Setting

Goals Description
Score Target Set a specific GATE score you aim to achieve.
Subject Priorities Identify subjects where you need to score well.
Weekly Study Targets Break down your study goals into manageable weekly targets.

4. Subject-wise Strategy

GATE covers a wide range of subjects. Prioritize your subjects wisely.

Table 2: Subject-wise Priority

Subject Priority
Mechanical Engineering High
Computer Science High
Electrical Engineering Medium
Civil Engineering Low

5. Resource Gathering

Collect all the study materials and resources you’ll need during your preparation.

Table 3: Essential Study Resources

Resource Description
Textbooks Gather recommended GATE preparation books for each subject.
Online Lectures Utilize online video lectures and tutorials for a deeper understanding.
GATE Forums Join GATE preparation forums to stay updated and seek guidance.

6. Study Schedule

Create a structured study plan to manage your time effectively.

Table 4: Sample Weekly Study Schedule

Week Subjects Daily Allocation
Week 1 Core Subject 1 4-5 hours
Core Subject 2 4-5 hours
Revision & Practice 2-3 hours
Week 12 Mock Tests 3-4 hours
Revision & Practice 5-6 hours

7. Revision Techniques

Effective revision is crucial for retaining information.

Table 5: Effective Revision Strategies

Strategy Description
Flashcards Create concise flashcards for quick revision of key concepts.
Mind Mapping Use mind maps to visualize and connect important topics.
Regular Revisions Periodically revisit previously covered subjects and topics.

8. Mock Tests and Practice

Regularly taking mock tests is essential for assessing your progress.

Table 6: Benefits of Mock Tests

Benefits Description
Self-Assessment Identify strengths and weaknesses in each subject.
Time Management Practice allocating time for different sections during the actual exam.
Exam Simulation Experience the pressure and time constraints of the GATE exam.

9. Solving Previous Year’s Papers

Solving past GATE papers is a valuable strategy.

Table 7: Benefits of Solving Previous Year Papers

Benefits Description
Question Patterns Recognize recurring question patterns in different subjects.
Time Management Develop efficient time-saving strategies for specific sections.
Confidence Boost Gain confidence by solving authentic GATE questions.

10. Seeking Assistance and Clarifications

Online forums and communities can be immensely helpful.

Table 8: Online Resources for Assistance

Platform Description
GateOverflow A community-driven platform for GATE discussions and problem-solving.
Quora Engage in GATE-related discussions and get answers to specific queries.
YouTube Channels Educational channels provide video explanations for GATE concepts.

11. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is essential for optimal performance.

Table 9: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Aspect Tips
Diet Consume a balanced diet with adequate nutrients.
Exercise Engage in regular physical activity to stay energized.
Sleep Ensure 7-8 hours of quality sleep for mental alertness.

12. Staying Motivated

Setting achievable goals and milestones is essential for staying motivated.

Table 10: Strategies for Staying Motivated

Strategy Description
SMART Goals Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.
Milestones Divide your study goals into smaller milestones for a sense of accomplishment.
Rewards Treat yourself with small rewards for achieving milestones.

13. The Final Weeks

The last weeks before the GATE exam require focused efforts.

Table 11: Last-Week Strategies

Strategy Description
Comprehensive Revision Focus on key concepts, formulae, and quick revision notes.
Stress Management Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises to stay calm.
Self-Confidence Believe in your preparation and avoid last-minute cramming.

14. Conclusion

In conclusion, preparing for GATE 2024 in three months is challenging but achievable with a well-structured plan.

Focus on your strengths, set clear goals, and maintain a disciplined study routine. Make use of the available resources and seek assistance when needed.

Staying healthy, motivated, and managing stress is key to success. The final weeks should be about comprehensive revision and confidence-building.

Believe in yourself, and you’ll be well-prepared to ace the GATE 2024 exam.

Remember, consistency and dedication are the keys to GATE success. Good luck with your preparations!

15. References

For official GATE information and updates, please refer to the official GATE website ( and relevant documentation.

16. Related Links

17. Prepare for GATE 2024 in 3 months FAQs

Is it possible to prepare for GATE 2024 in just 3 months?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for GATE 2024 in 3 months if you have a well-structured study plan and dedicate sufficient time and effort to your preparation.

How should I plan my study schedule for the next 3 months?

Divide your study time effectively by allocating specific hours for each subject based on their weightage in the GATE syllabus. Create a daily or weekly study plan to cover all the topics and allocate time for revision and practice tests.

What study materials should I use for GATE 2024 preparation?

It is recommended to refer to standard textbooks, GATE preparation books, and study materials provided by reputed coaching institutes. Additionally, solving previous year question papers and taking online mock tests will be beneficial.

How many hours should I study each day during these 3 months?

Aim to study for at least 6-8 hours per day during these 3 months. However, the number of study hours may vary based on individual circumstances and personal preferences.

Should I focus on theory or practice during my preparation?

Strike a balance between theory and practice. Understanding the concepts thoroughly is important, but it is equally crucial to solve a variety of practice questions and analyze your performance.

Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for GATE preparation?

Joining a coaching institute is not mandatory, but it can provide structured guidance, study materials, and access to experienced faculty.

Self-study can also be effective if you have access to quality study resources and are disciplined in your approach.

How should I revise the topics during the last few weeks before the exam?

Allocate dedicated time for revision during the last few weeks. Focus on revisiting important topics, solving previous year papers, and taking mock tests to enhance your speed and accuracy.

Is it advisable to solve previous year question papers and take mock tests?

Yes, solving previous year question papers and taking mock tests is highly recommended. It helps you understand the exam pattern, assess your preparation level, and identify areas that need improvement.

How can I manage stress during the preparation phase?

Take breaks at regular intervals, engage in physical activities or hobbies, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to manage stress. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises to stay calm and focused.

What should be my strategy for the GATE exam day?

Plan your travel to the exam center in advance and ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Get a good night's sleep before the exam and avoid studying on the day of the exam. Reach the exam center on time and stay confident and positive.

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  1. Sir ,
    I am a mechanical engineering student and I want to know that in which order should I make subject priority list so that I can score to get atleast a NIT and then an IIT in these two and half months .

  2. sir I’m in a stuck while revising studying the subject fully in the best manner with questions and all will be beneficial or completing the full course in a go. I m confused sir please help me.

    • Hello Samaira,

      It is a common issue among GATE aspirants. This is why we always suggest to prepare short notes for last time preparation.
      Now you choose important areas / topics of each subject and first prepare them well and then rest.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  3. Dear sir,
    I am student from pesce.i want to crack with in this 3 months,if I start now is it possible to crack,i didn’t attend any coaching and I have some materials but don’t have books,is it possible crack,how many hours in a day we need to study in order to crack.

    • Hello Harshitha,

      Yes it is possible just prepare priority wise.
      What is most important prepare them first than other.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  4. Hello Sir,
    I am final year meallurgy student appearing for gate 2016. Can you help me get the gate score vs rank in year 2015 for metallurgical engineering.

  5. Hello Sir,
    I am Jhuma.Sir I am studying in CSE final year.Sir I did not get any proper coaching from any institute. I always tried to solve gate previous years questions by my acquired knowledge how much I got from my college and one of my teacher.But these are not sufficient to crack the gate exam.
    Because of some financial problem I could not take any online courses.
    So,Sir it is my heartly request to suggest me how can I prepare myself in this last period of time.

    • Hello Jhuma,

      This time is mainly for revision and attending mock tests. You just solve previous years papers precisely and after that solve some related questions which are closely related to concept which you learned from solving previous years papers questions. If possible join some online mock test. It will help you to understand online GATE exam.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  6. hello sir,
    this is aprajita ,4th year as i m doing self study for gate 2016 EC paper ,i still hve prob in analog ckt and networks chp. i do understand the theory bt face problem in solving numericals. moreover as i hv seen u do hve made easy handwritten notes. if u hve for EC can u jst email it to me b’cause gate 2016 is very imp exam for me

  7. sir..i m student of ME final year and i m doing coaching for gate since from june 2015 but i dont started revision and practice yet and its too difficult to cover all subject so what would i prefer now?

    • Hello rohit,

      First make a time table for remaining 2 months. Include revision and practice time in it mainly. It is a must. This must be your first preference and in the remaining time you can do new things like studying new topics etc.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  8. thank you for this work , now i am studying final EC , age limitations mentioned by PSUs are not suitable for us.then how can we apply? such a PSUs

    • Hello jumana,

      Thanks for appreciating our work. Age limit is an essential eligibility. A candidate must fulfill these kind of eligibility too. This problem has no solution.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

    • Hello rphan,

      It is really a great decision that you want to start your GATE exam preparation from 2nd year of engineering.
      If you just read 2 hours daily from now and we get a rough idea about your study hours than you have nearly 2000 hours study till GATE exam. Means 200 hours for each subject if there are 10 subjects in your GATE paper.
      First understand GATE exam nature, syllabus, paper pattern, make some plan etc during this period study mathematics and Aptitude.
      GATE Reference Books :

      Than start studying each subject politely you have much time for GATE exam preparation.
      About GATE exam coaching I would suggest you to study self during 2nd and 3rd year and in final year you may join coaching because engineering subjects starts in engineering course from 2nd year and till 3rd year 80-90% course of GATE syllabus covered by engineering syllabus. So it will be easy to understand in your coaching that what a teacher trying to explain you if you join coaching after 3rd year. You must read this post about joining coaching for GATE :

      You may read this blog during your free time. Here we have written so many posts related to GATE/IES/PSUs exam information and preparation. It will surely help you in your preparation.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  9. Hi sir My name is khalid,
    Im just starting my preparation for gate i really need some advice to score a good result in gate and wanna study in iitdelhi, please advice me some suggestions

  10. hi sir,
    thank you for the post.
    I m a computer science engineering passout this year .I am preparing for gate 2016 from past 2 months.I have been studying mainly from made easy 29 years solved.
    I m in need for study materials where each topic is given precisely. As I am doing self study and not taking any coaching classes ,can u recommend from where I can get the study materials ?
    also as very short time is left for the exams,is it recommended that I leave few topics from the syllabus and concentrate on others ,which seems easier to me,to score well in the exam.

  11. Sir,
    I want to know that which PSUs are recruiting M.Sc chemistry students.only ONGC is there which is recruiting so my question is there any other PSUs which also recruiting M.Sc chemistry students???

  12. Sir i completed my btech in 2013 but due to a backlog i get i degree of 2014 so what should i write in the column of year of passing in any form.

  13. Hi..i was unfit for along tim.. i am finally on now.. i dont hav work..i hav 24 hrs to study no issus at all.. but i am going to start studying now..i hav kanodia 2016 mcq qustions.. sinc i hav full day to study can i finish bfr tim?

    • Hello Sharma,

      GATE 2016 Engineering Reference Books :
      Our team put * (Star) marks along with important book of each subject. You will find this * (Star) marks attached with S. No. of particular subject.

      For previous year solution buy Made Easy / ACE academy book it contains last 29/27 years papers with solutions.
      In these last months of preparation if you haven’t prepare anything yet then you must concentrate more on previous years papers.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  14. sir,
    i am a b-tech 4th yr metallurgy student of NIT. plz provide me the names if PSUs those who recruit the metallurgist. As i go through website there you have mention HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED also recruit the metallurgy student, bu their notification can’t say the same. thank you


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