How to Prepare for IES 2024?



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Discover effective strategies for IES 2024 exam preparation. Enhance your chances of success in the Indian Engineering Services examination.

“How should I start preparation for ies 2020?
Which strategy should I follow for ies 2020?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

how prepare ies

How to Prepare for IES 2020 – A combined competitive examination is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) for recruitment to the Indian Engineering Services (IES).

IES 2024 Highlights

IES 2024 Conducting Body UPSC (IES 2024)
IES 2024 Total Subjects 4 (CE, ME, EE, EC)
IES 2024 Total Vacancy 167
IES 2024 (Prelims) Exam Date 18.02.2024 (Sunday)
IES 2024 (Mains) Exam Date 23.06.2024 (Sunday)
IES 2024 Selection Preliminary, Mains and Interview
IES 2024 Preliminary exam Objective Type
IES 2024 Mains exam Conventional Type
IES 2024 Exam Mode Offline

The Examination 2020 will be in three stages : Preliminary Objective examination, Mains subjective examination and Personality Test. The recruitment of qualified candidates is made under the following categories :

(1) Civil Engineering
(2) Mechanical Engineering
(3) Electrical engineering
(4) Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Here we are providing some key points which will help you in your UPSC ESE/IES 2020 exam preparation.

1. Cover complete syllabus of IES 2020.
Deep understanding of all subjects is required. Mere knowledge will not help you much.

2. Choose right source of knowledge like standard books / study material.
Selection of good study material will help you to get good marks in your ESE/IES 2020 exam preparation.

3. Good planning and time management of daily routine.
As you need to prepare many subjects in a short period of time, So you need a proper plan to complete your whole ESE/IES 2020 syllabus within time limit. 

4. Balanced preparation of technical and non-technical subjects.
There is a minimum cut-off marks decided by UPSC for each section and stage. So a candidate have to clear that cut-off.

5. Subject must be studied from objective as well as conventional point of view.
While preparing any subject or making notes of any subject you must keep in mind that you need to prepare that subject from both point of view i.e., objective as well as conventional.

6. Extra emphasis on solving the conventional questions.
As you know IES 2020 pattern has changed now UPSC emphasis more on conventional section. So candidates need to prepare this section with extra effort. Try answering questions to depth, marks will not be allotted for mere superficial knowledge so don’t waste time in IES 2020 exam for questions which you don’t know properly.

7. Avoid jumbo and vague approach in solving questions.
Any technique which is time consuming in solving the questions should not adopt, otherwise it will waste your precise time during exam time. Answer your questions in a neat and eligible manner as there is a five percent deduction in marks for ineligible answers.

8. Develop speed and accuracy in solving questions.
Objective section as well as conventional section required time to solve problems. So it is better if you increase you speed with accuracy while solving problems.

9. Apply short tricks and learn standard results and formulas to save time.
UPSC ESE/IES exam contain two conventional papers. In order to solve these papers you need to follow a step by step procedure to solve any problem. Develop some short tricks which can save your time in exam.

10. Study previous years papers.
Previous years papers will help candidates to understand the level of questions. Previous IES 10-15 years solved papers would be enough.

11. Practice online and offline modes of tests.
These online/offline mock tests will prepare you to be familiarize with exam like environment and will also help you to improve your performance in exam.

12. Always keep a place for revision in your time table.
Revision is really-really important because you can’t remember all the things you have studied in previous days / months.

13. Group study and discussions on a regular basis.
It is really-really important if you are preparing self, for checking your preparation level you need a rectifier, which can rectify your mistakes.

14. Self introspection to find your weaknesses and strengths.
There is always some good skills in every candidate, which he/she can use in his/her preparation of competitive exam smartly. Candidate should always try to overcome their weaknesses.

15. Maintain self motivation.
Candidate preparing for such big exams really-really need self motivation. Because many time they lose confidence while preparing at that time no one can help them to regain their confidence except themself. 

This post is designed to keep you aspirants aware about latest UPSC ESE/IES exam pattern & strategy. We tried our level best to guide you. If you want to add more ideas in this list you can comment below. Good Luck for ESE/IES 2020 🙂

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How to Prepare for IES 2024 FAQs

What is the best way to prepare for IES 2024?

The best way to prepare for IES 2024 is to:

  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Create a study plan and stick to it
  • Focus on the fundamentals and practice problems regularly
  • Take mock tests to evaluate your progress
  • Revise regularly to strengthen your concepts

How many hours should I study per day for IES 2024?

The number of hours you should study per day for IES 2024 depends on your own study style and schedule.However, it is generally recommended to study for at least 6-8 hours per day.

How important is revision in IES 2024 preparation?

Revision is extremely important in IES 2024 preparation as it helps to strengthen your concepts, recall important formulae, and practice problems.It is recommended to revise regularly to keep the concepts fresh in your mind.

Is it necessary to solve previous year papers for IES 2024 preparation?

Yes, it is highly recommended to solve previous year papers for IES 2024 preparation.It helps to get familiar with the exam pattern and type of questions asked, and also helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How can I stay motivated during IES 2024 preparation?

To stay motivated during IES 2024 preparation, you can try the following strategies:

  • Set realistic goals and reward yourself when you achieve them
  • Join study groups or online communities to stay motivated
  • Keep reminding yourself of the end goal and the benefits of cracking the exam
  • Take regular breaks to avoid burnout

Should I focus more on theory or practice problems for IES 2024 preparation?

Both theory and practice problems are equally important for IES 2024 preparation.It is important to have a strong conceptual understanding of the topics, as well as to practice enough problems to reinforce the concepts.

Can I prepare for IES 2024 while doing a full-time job?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for IES 2024 while doing a full-time job.You can adjust your study schedule and make the most of the time available to you, such as early mornings, weekends, and evenings.

Should I join an IES coaching institute for preparation?

Joining an IES coaching institute is not necessary for preparation, but it can provide you with guidance, study material, and test series that can help you in your preparation.However, it is also possible to prepare on your own with the right resources and discipline.

How can I improve my time management skills during IES 2024 preparation?

To improve your time management skills during IES 2024 preparation, you can try the following strategies:

  • Create a study plan and stick to it
  • Prioritize the topics and subjects based on their importance and your strengths and weaknesses
  • Set a realistic timeline for completing each topic and subject
  • Take regular breaks to avoid burnout and stay focused.

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