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Compare IES vs. GATE exams. Understand differences, purposes, and career opportunities to make informed decisions for your engineering path.

“what are the major differences between ies and gate exams?
what are the major similarity in ies and gate exams?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

ies vs gate

IES vs GATE – A Complete Analysis – Graduate aptitude test in engineering (GATE) and Indian Engineering Services (IES) these two exams are very famous among engineering graduates.

Every year lakhs of candidates prepare for these exams.Some of them prepare for GATE and some for IES.

IES 2024 Highlights

IES 2024 Conducting BodyUPSC (IES 2024)
IES 2024 Total Subjects4 (CE, ME, EE, EC)
IES 2024 Total Vacancy167
IES 2024 (Prelims) Exam Date18.02.2024 (Sunday)
IES 2024 (Mains) Exam Date23.06.2024 (Sunday)
IES 2024 SelectionPreliminary, Mains and Interview
IES 2024 Preliminary examObjective Type
IES 2024 Mains examConventional Type
IES 2024 Exam ModeOffline

There are many candidates who want to prepare for both of these exams because the education qualification for attending both these exams are same and the syllabus for these two exams is almost same.

But there are many candidates who get confused in between these two exams due to many reasons. Keep this issue in mind we created this post.

So that candidates who want to prepare for both exams simultaneously can better know about these two exams clearly.

(Similarity & Difference)

1. Introduction

1.IES acronym of Indian Engineering Services or ESE acronym of Engineering Services Examination.GATE acronym of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
2.IES exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).GATE exam is conducted by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore or any of 7 Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).
3.IES exam conducted every year.GATE exam conducted every year.
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2. Syllabus

1.IES exam syllabus covers the complete engineering syllabus.GATE exam syllabus covers only those which are going to be useful in higher studies.
2.IES tests your conceptual capability.GATE tests your problem-solving capability.
3.Hard work is more important while preparing for IES.Smart work is more important while preparing for GATE.

3. Exam Paper

1.IES exam paper pattern: Objective & Conventional type questions.GATE exam paper pattern: Only Objective type questions.
2.IES written exam contain total 4 papers.GATE written exam contain only 1 papers.
3.IES written exam conducts in 2 days.GATE written exam conducts in only 1 day.
4.Calculator is allowed only for conventional type papers but not for objective papers.Calculator is allowed in GATE paper.

4. Paper Level

1.IES objective paper is relatively easy.GATE objective paper is relatively tough.
2.Questions asked in IES are single formula or concept based.Questions asked in GATE are mixed formula or concept based.

5. Competition Level

1.Competition ratio in terms of the number of vacancies versus the number of candidates appearing the examination is about 1:300.Competition ratio in terms of number of candidates qualified versus the number of candidates appearing the examination is nearly 1:10.
2.IES relatively tough competitive exam.GATE relatively easy competitive exam.

6. Exam Preparation

1.Speed is main factor in IES exam.Thought process is main factor in GATE exam.
2.More questions in less time. 120 questions in 120 minutes. 1 minute per question.Less questions in more time. 65 questions in 180 minutes. More than 2.5 minutes per question.
3.Crystal clear concept is required for IES exam.Concept application ability along with crystal clear concept is required for GATE exam.
4.Writing practice is required for IES conventional type paper.Writing practice is not required for GATE paper. There is no any conventional type paper.

7. Application

1.Main purpose of IES exam is: (1) Central government jobs in various Engineering Departments under Govt. of India.Main purpose of GATE exam is: (1) Higher education (i.e., M Tech, P. HD. etc.) (2) Jobs in PSUs or Govt. Organizations.

Here we have listed some basic similarities & differences in between these two exams. However these two exams have their own speciality. Above provided similarities & differences is just for information purpose.

These similarities & differences will help many GATE & IES aspirants in order to understand these two most famous exams among engineering graduate.


What is the main difference between IES and GATE?

The main difference between IES and GATE is the purpose and scope of the exams.

IES is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit engineers for various government engineering services, while GATE is a qualifying exam for admission to postgraduate programs and for recruitment in public sector companies.

Which exam is more difficult, IES or GATE?

The difficulty level of both exams varies based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

However, generally, IES is considered to be more challenging due to its comprehensive syllabus, subjective paper pattern, and tough competition for limited vacancies in government services.

Is the syllabus for IES and GATE the same?

The syllabus for IES and GATE overlaps to a significant extent in the technical subjects. Both exams cover fundamental engineering topics.

However, IES may have additional subjects or topics specific to the engineering services. It is essential to refer to the official syllabi of both exams for accurate information.

Can I use GATE study material for IES preparation?

GATE study material can be useful for IES preparation, especially for the technical subjects. The concepts and topics covered in GATE align with the core syllabus of IES.

However, for IES-specific subjects or topics, it is advisable to refer to additional resources such as IES-specific books, practice papers, and study materials.

Which exam has a broader application, IES or GATE?

GATE has a broader application as it serves as a qualifying exam for admission to postgraduate programs in engineering and technology across various institutes in India.

It is also accepted by many public sector companies for recruitment purposes. IES, on the other hand, is specifically for government engineering services.

Can I appear for both IES and GATE in the same year?

Yes, you can appear for both IES and GATE in the same year as the exam schedules usually do not clash.

However, it requires thorough planning, effective time management, and dedicated preparation for both exams simultaneously.

Which exam offers better career opportunities, IES or GATE?

Both IES and GATE offer excellent career opportunities, but in different domains.

IES provides opportunities for a career in government engineering services with job stability, authority, and diverse roles in the public sector.

GATE opens doors for higher education, research, and job opportunities in academia, industries, and public sector companies.

Are the exam patterns of IES and GATE similar?

The exam patterns of IES and GATE differ significantly. IES has a subjective paper pattern where candidates are required to write detailed answers, while GATE is an objective-based exam with multiple-choice questions.

The marking scheme and time duration also vary between the two exams.

Is the level of competition higher in IES or GATE?

The level of competition is generally considered to be higher in IES due to limited vacancies in government engineering services and the popularity of the exam among engineering graduates.

GATE, being a national-level exam, also has tough competition, but the number of opportunities is relatively higher.

Can I prepare for IES and GATE simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for IES and GATE simultaneously as both exams cover similar technical subjects.

However, it's important to understand the differences in the exam patterns, syllabi, and marking schemes, and plan your preparation accordingly. Allocate time for both exams and

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  1. It is a common confusion among students that which is tougher GATE or IES.
    But you have given very nice difference between them. Now any one can understand the difference.

  2. If I will do my mtech from iit then can I got a core job???and Is there sufficient seats in IES for electronic and communications engineering students

    • Hello shubham,

      Yes you will have a chance to get a job in core sector if you do M Tech from IIT.
      Could you please explain more about “sufficient seats in IES for electronic and communications engineering students.”


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