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“What is the syllabus of pgt history in kvs for 2024 exam?
How to download syllabus of kvs pgt history in pdf format?

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”


Test Component of the test
Written Examination
Number of questions Total marks Duration of the test
Part-I 1. General English 10 10 2:30 Hours
2. General Hindi 10 10
Part-II 1. General Knowledge & Current Affairs 10 10
2. Reasoning Ability 10 10
3. Computer Literacy 10 10
4. Pedagogy 20 20
5. Subject concerned 80 80
Total (written exam.) 150 150


KVS PGT History Syllabus 2024 TopicWise

S.No. Syllabus
Indian History
1 Harappan Civilization –

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a. Town Planning
b. Religion
c. Economic & Social Life
d. Script Writing

2 The rise of Magadh in relation to 16 Mahajanpadas
3 The rise of Heterodox sects with special reference to Buddhism, Jainism –

a. Rise
b. Teaching
c. Comparison
d. Effect on society, trade &commerce

4 The Mauryas –

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a. Causes for its rise
b. Chandragupta Maurya Administration
c. The contribution of Ashoka the Great (all aspects)
d. Decline and fall of Mauryan Empire

5 The Guptas –

a. Golden Period
b. Samudra Gupta
c. Chandragupta Vikramaditya etc
d. Administration, Religion, Trade & Commerce

6 Society & Economy – From Vedic till 7th century
7 Sultanate Era – The Defeat of Hindu kingdom and the establishment of Delhi Sultanate
8 Mughal Period – 1526 to 1707(all aspects)

a. Polity
b. Administration
c. Society
d. Economy

9 Medieval Period – Society and Culture with special Reference to Bhakti Move ment and Sufism
10 Medieval Architecture – Delhi Sultanate ’n Mughal Period
11 The Advent of Europeans and the establishment of 5 British rule
12 British rule and its impact on Indian economy
13 Revolt 1857 –

a. Nature
b. Causes
c. Leadership
d. Events
e. Consequences
f. Causes of defeat
g. Impact

14 The socio-religious reform movements and the rise of nationalism
15 The Indian freedom movement – 1885 to 1947
16 Constitution –

a. Framing
b. Features
c. Working of the Constitution
d. Adoption of the Constitution

History of the world
17 The rise of Ancient Civilizations with special reference to

Mesopotamia –

a. Urbanization
b. Script
c. Trade
d. Calendar

18 Roman and Greek civilization

a. The rise of the empire
b. Administration
c. Society

19 The rise of Islam –

a. Teachings
b. Culture
c. Crusades

20 Nomadic people of Central Asia
21 The Dark age – Feudalism in Europe

a. Manor State
b. Decline

22 Renaissance ’n Reformation period in Europe
23 Capitalism and Mercantilism

a. Industrial Revolution
b. Imperialism and colonialism

24 China Since 1840 to 1949
25 Japan 1840 to 1949

KVS PGT History Syllabus 2024 PDF

KVS PGT History Syllabus [PDF] Click Here

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