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EKXAM – Here we will provide book information for the preparation of Railway recruitment board(RRB) CEN-01/2015. This recruitment contain vacancies for Junior engineer, Depot material superintendent, Chemical & Metallurgical assistant, Sr. Section Engineer and Chief depot material superintendent.

Candidates can apply for a particular post to any one RRB only through ONLINE application mode by visiting the website of RRB concerned. Candidates are required to go to the link provided for filling ONLINE application.

We find that candidates are confused while filling RRB 2015 for Junior engineer, Depot material superintendent, Chemical & Metallurgical assistant, Sr. Section Engineer and Chief depot material superintendent. Keeping this point in mind we have created a post specially for solving problems of the candidates who are facing any kind of problem related to RRB 2015 recruitment like education qualification related issues, age related issues, RRB selection related issues, RRB paper pattern & Syllabus related issues, RRB post related issues etc.

Paper for all the posts of Junior engineer, Depot material superintendent, Sr. Section Engineer and Chief depot material superintendent will be of mixed type means these posts examination paper will contain question from all the branch of engineering except for Chemical & Metallurgical assistant and Junior Engineer (IT).

RRB SSE & JE Books

S.No. Examination Name Books
1. Sr. Section Engineer   Follow me
2. Chief Depot Material Superintendent   Follow me
3. Junior Engineer   Follow me
4. Depot Material Superintendent   Follow me
5. Junior Engineer(IT)   Follow me
6. Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant   Follow me

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If you are planning to pursue a career in the railway sector and are aiming to crack the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) exams for SSE (Senior Section Engineer), JE (Junior Engineer), DMS (Depot Material Superintendent), or CMA (Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant) positions, having the right study materials is crucial. In this article, we will provide you with valuable insights into the recommended books for RRB SSE/JE/DMS/CMA and how to effectively prepare for these exams.

  1. RRB SSE/JE/DMS/CMA Exam Pattern: Before diving into the book recommendations, let’s understand the exam pattern for RRB SSE/JE/DMS/CMA positions. The exams generally consist of the following sections:
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • Arithmetic
  • Technical Ability (specific to the discipline)
  • General Science
  1. Recommended Books: To kickstart your preparation, here are some highly recommended books for RRB SSE/JE/DMS/CMA exams:

a) “RRB Technical Exam” by Dr. Chandresh Agrawal: This book covers the entire syllabus of the RRB technical exams and provides comprehensive explanations of concepts, solved examples, and practice questions.

b) “RRB: Junior Engineer Centralised Recruitment Exam Guide” by RPH Editorial Board: This guidebook is specifically tailored for RRB JE exams and covers the required technical and non-technical topics. It includes chapter-wise explanations, practice questions, and previous years’ solved papers.

c) “RRB Junior Engineer and Senior Section Engineer: Mechanical Engineering” by Arihant Experts This book focuses on the mechanical engineering section of the RRB exams and provides a comprehensive understanding of the topics through chapter-wise explanations, practice questions, and previous years’ solved papers.

d) “RRB: Senior Section Engineer and Junior Engineer – Electronics and Communication Engineering” by GK Publications: This book is specifically designed for RRB exams in the electronics and communication engineering discipline. It covers the technical subjects with detailed explanations and practice questions.

These books cover the relevant topics mentioned in the exam pattern and provide comprehensive explanations and practice questions to enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills.

  1. Online Resources: In addition to books, online resources play a vital role in your RRB exam preparation. Online platforms offer study materials, video lectures, and mock tests specifically designed for RRB SSE/JE/DMS/CMA exams. These resources provide additional practice, concept clarification, and the opportunity to assess your progress.
  2. Previous Years’ Question Papers: Solving previous years’ question papers is crucial for your preparation. It helps you understand the exam pattern, gain familiarity with the types of questions asked, and improve your time management skills. Practice solving these papers within the stipulated time frame to enhance your speed and accuracy.
  3. Time Management and Revision: Effective time management is essential for the RRB exams. Create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time for each section, focusing more on areas where you need improvement. Regular revision is crucial to reinforce your understanding of concepts and retain information.
  4. Stay Updated: Stay updated with the latest developments in the railway sector. Read railway-related news, publications, and stay updated with current affairs related to railways, technological advancements, and safety measures.

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RRB 2023 Books – SSE/JE/DMS/CMA FAQs

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