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“How many seats are there for ssc je 2020 ?
How many vacancies are there for Mechanical Engineering in ssc je 2020?
How many vacancies would be there for Civil Engineering in ssc je 2019?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

SSC JE Vacancy 2020 – Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts a competitive examination every year for the recruitment of the candidates to the post of Junior Engineer in various government departments.

SSC JE exam conducted to select candidates for Junior Engineer post in electrical, civil, mechanical, Quantity Surveying and Contract. There are approximately 1500 vacancies for Junior engineer posts notified every year.

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) organize junior engineer (JE) examination in three branches of engineering which are as follows :

1. Civil Engineering (CE)
2. Mechanical Engineering (ME)
3. Electrical Engineering (EE)

Here in the below table we have provided previous years vacancy details of SSC JE. There vacancy details may help you to analyse and understand the competition level of SSC JE. Candidate just need to compare these vacancy details with related years cut off marks of each branch.

SSC JE Year wise / Branch wise Vacancy – (2018-2020)

Branches ↓ Year → 2018 2019 2020
Civil 1297 wait … wait …
Mechanical 29
Electrical 206
Electrical & Mechanical 43
Quality Surveying & Contract 26
Total 1601

SSC JE Year wise / Branch wise Vacancy – (2015-2017)

Branches ↓ Year → 2015 2016 2017
Civil 1283 951 256
Mechanical 120 25 4
Electrical 38 228 5
Electrical & Mechanical 176 178 76
Quality Surveying & Contract 0 125 0
Total 1617 1507 341

# Note : SSE JE 2019 total vacancies will be update as soon as latest notification will release.

As per our analysis SSE JE 2019 expected/tentative vacancy would be nearly 1500. Year wise, branch wise as well as department wise vacancy breakup is given above.

SSC conduct JE exam only for these branches of engineering Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering.

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SSC JE Vacancy Year wise/Branch wise FAQs2

How can I find SSC JE vacancy details year wise and branch wise?

The SSC JE vacancy details year wise and branch wise are released through the official notifications issued by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

These notifications provide detailed information about the vacancies, including the number of vacancies for each branch (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), category-wise vacancies, and the year of the vacancy announcement

Where can I find the SSC JE vacancy details for a specific year and branch?

The SSC JE vacancy details for a specific year and branch can be found in the official SSC notifications. These notifications are available on the official SSC website ( under the 'Notifications' or 'Notice' section. Candidates can download and refer to the relevant notification for the desired year and branch.

Are the SSC JE vacancies announced every year?

Yes, the SSC JE vacancies are generally announced every year by the Staff Selection Commission. However, the number of vacancies may vary from year to year depending on the requirements of the different departments and organizations participating in the SSC JE recruitment.

Are the vacancies branch-specific or common for all branches in SSC JE?

The vacancies for SSC JE are branch-specific, meaning that there are separate vacancies announced for each branch, such as Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical. Candidates need to apply for the specific branch they are eligible for and interested in.

Do the SSC JE vacancies vary across branches?

Yes, the SSC JE vacancies can vary across branches. The number of vacancies may depend on factors such as the demand for engineers in different branches, the requirement of various government departments, and the availability of vacancies for each branch.

Are the SSC JE vacancies the same for all regions of India?

No, the SSC JE vacancies may vary across regions of India. The vacancies are typically categorized region-wise, and the number of vacancies can differ from one region to another. Candidates should refer to the specific region-wise vacancy details mentioned in the official notification.

Are the SSC JE vacancies reserved for specific categories like SC/ST/OBC?

Yes, a certain percentage of SSC JE vacancies are reserved for different categories as per the government norms. The reserved categories include Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and sometimes Economically Weaker Sections (EWS). The specific reservation details are mentioned in the official notification.

Can the number of SSC JE vacancies change after the initial announcement?

Yes, there is a possibility of changes in the number of SSC JE vacancies after the initial announcement. The SSC reserves the right to modify or cancel the vacancies based on administrative reasons or any changes in the requirements of participating organizations. Candidates should stay updated with the official notifications for any such changes.

Are the SSC JE vacancies the same for all branches and categories?

No, the SSC JE vacancies can vary not only across branches but also across different categories. The vacancies may be different for each branch and category, and candidates should refer to the official notification for the specific vacancies pertaining to their branch and category.

Can I apply for multiple branches if I am eligible?

No, candidates can apply for only one branch in the SSC JE recruitment process. They need to carefully select the branch they are eligible for and interested in during the application process. It is important to refer to the official SSC notifications for accurate and up-to-date information about SSC JE vacancies year wise and branch wise. The notifications provide

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