Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE 2025: Let’s Start from Basics




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Discover effective tips and tricks to crack GATE 2025. Enhance your preparation with strategic study plans, regular practice, time management techniques, and positive mindset for success in the exam.

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Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE 2025 – There is a whole one year to appear for GATE 2025 put yourself in your preparations so that you will get good rank in 2025 GATE examination.

There is lot of pressure on an aspirant to score well, many aspirants lose their grip on study many time in this whole preparation process.

Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE 2025

To overcome such circumstances here are some important tips which would help any GATE aspirant in their preparations :

1. Understanding the 2025 GATE Syllabus: A Key Step in Effective Exam Preparation

First of all you need to know well about your syllabus of the subject in which paper you are going to attend GATE paper for year 2025.

2. Comprehensive Preparation Strategy for GATE: Balancing Depth and Breadth in Topic Coverage

Read each topic as given in GATE syllabus of the subject very carefully. Do not leave any topic atleast read basic of all topics.

Although GATE paper need deep knowledge of subject but sometimes mare knowledge can be useful in some easy questions but don’t do it with a large number of topics otherwise it will cut your marks and as well as your rank. So try to prepare all topics very well.

From 2014 there are two kinds of question you will face in GATE examination. First objective type and second numerical answer type.

In objective type questions you have to select one option out of given options. In numerical answer type questions you have to answer using a virtual keypad.

In numerical answer type questions there would be no any option you have to solve question completely and answer like we solve papers in our university examinations. GATE exam consists of 23 papers. A candidate can appear any one of these papers.

3. Next Steps after Syllabus Review: Choosing the Right Study Resources for GATE Exam Preparation

After reading complete syllabus very well you have to take a guide either you can join any coaching or if you can’t join coaching than you should buy any book which contain 10-20 previous years papers so that you can know what kind of questions being asked in GATE examinations.

If you need GATE papers than you can download them from GATE previous years papers section.

4. Strategizing Your Study Plan: Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses in GATE Subjects for Balanced Preparation

Candidates after reading the syllabus completely you should make a list in which subjects you are good, average and poor.

Give more time to subjects in which you are poor because poor subjects will require more attention from you and will take more time than your commanding subjects.

On the other hand give some time daily to your commanding subjects too so that they don’t washout from your mind after a whole one year of preparations.

5. Effective Time Management: Creating a Topic-Wise Schedule for Comprehensive GATE Preparation and Revision

Now make one another list of topics for each subject and decide limited time for each topic and try to complete that particular topic in that particular time period.

If you would able to do this than you would complete your whole GATE syllabus on time and you would have plenty of time to last time preparations as well as revisions.

As said “Practice makes man perfect” so practice as much as possible. This technique will save you in your last time preparation and help to overcome from last time confusions.

Anyhow if you were not able to complete the whole syllabus than you must be master in those topics which you did. Make sure about it from start of your preparation. Candidate can prepare subjects first which are more scoring at start.

This technique will help you to rid of last time tension of scoring study. You can also choose some topics from each subject which more frequently asked in previous years and prepare them first.

If you need guidance and help you may join a coaching institute that will give you ready made study guidance but choose coaching which has good academic record in previous years and has experienced faculty.

For not being pressurize in last time than make a time table and prepare according to that. If you want to join coaching than join it at start not in mid it will not help you much.

We will update here time to time. You guys check this post regularly.
All the best for GATE 2025 🙂

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Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE FAQs

What are some tips for effective time management during GATE preparation?

Ans: Plan a daily/weekly study schedule and stick to it, prioritize topics based on weightage and your understanding, practice time-bound mock tests regularly, and take breaks at regular intervals to avoid burnout.

How can I improve my problem-solving speed for GATE?

Ans: Practice regularly, try to solve problems using shortcuts and tricks, learn to identify the key information in the problem statement quickly, and avoid getting bogged down by complex calculations.

How important is it to solve previous year GATE question papers?

Ans: Solving previous year GATE question papers is very important as it gives you an idea about the type of questions asked, the difficulty level, and helps you identify your weak areas.

What are some effective study techniques for GATE preparation?

Ans: Active learning techniques like solving problems, writing summaries, creating mind maps, and teaching others can be effective study techniques for GATE preparation.

How can I stay motivated during long GATE preparation periods?

Ans: Break down your preparation into smaller achievable goals, track your progress, reward yourself for achieving milestones, and surround yourself with supportive peers and mentors.

Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for GATE preparation?

Ans: No, it is not necessary to join a coaching institute for GATE preparation, as there are plenty of online resources and study materials available. However, coaching institutes can provide structured guidance and additional support.

What are some common mistakes to avoid during GATE preparation?

Ans: Avoid procrastination, over-reliance on shortcuts, neglecting weaker areas, and not practicing enough mock tests.

What are some effective ways to revise GATE concepts?

Ans: Create summary notes, use flashcards, revise important formulas regularly, and practice problems from a variety of sources.

How can I improve my English language skills for GATE?

Read extensively, watch English language movies and TV shows, practice writing and speaking in English, and use language learning apps and tools.

How can I deal with exam anxiety during GATE?

Ans: Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation, visualize success, focus on the present moment, and avoid negative self-talk.

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  1. Good morning sir,
    i am Prashant jagtap studied in T.E(MECH) , SIR I am totally confuse regarding GATE prepartion so please help me..tell some IMP idea how to study GATE exam and IMP areas of GATE ..

    Thanking You.

  2. Sir
    I want to know which subject questions generally asked in GATE for information technology Bcoz I m totally confused should I go through all subjects of gate syllabus or there is important area in it …?

  3. Sir… I prepare Gate 2 times.. In BTECH I got 20 Marks and after 1 year of serious preparation I got 20 Marks only… Its due to silly substitution of answers… I wrote -15 instead of 15 or click on 2 instead of 3… What should I do..? Shall I prepare again..? And plz send me shedule to preparation of 1 year…

    • Hello mehul,

      Could you please explain little bit more. What information you really want to know from us.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  4. sir I have a doubt regarding numerical answer type question in Gate 2016

    my que is- can we answer interger number as a answer in numerical answer type question or we have to answer in only real number? Plz help me…

  5. i want to gat a govt. job and i am passed out of 2014 batch
    my main goal is ies
    should i prepare for gate too or i completly focussed on ies
    i am starting my prep in oct

  6. sir i want ask that ,I have vedio lecture , books & made easy book also ,then which part I have to start prepration out of 3.thank u.

  7. sir, now iam doing my final year btech in EEE, i dont even started preparation for gate 2016.. from where should i start? really confused…

  8. Hi admin,

    I’m Aditya from Hyderabad. First of all, I appreciate you for providing useful information regarding GATE exam.

    I have completed my graduation in 2014 from Electrical background with an aggregate of 69%. I made my first attempt in 2014 but couldn’t crack the exam.
    After my Engg, I was in job search for nearly 3 months. Luckily, I’ve got placed in Solar company but couldn’t afford with the salary provided.

    In this way, I’ve wasted one precious year of 2015 and so couldn’t attempt GATE exam.

    As days passed on, I’ve got an offer where I am presently working as a Maintenance Engineer in a company from March 2015. I will be getting nearly 3-4 hrs for preparation.

    Actually, my shifts are rotational on daily basis. I’m willing to attempt GATE 2016 in any way.

    Kindly, request you to reply me how can I manage my time so that I can achieve my best in GATE. I’m an average student and interested in Power systems and Control systems.

    And finally, I wish you for a grand success in future.

  9. This year i will be entering in last year of engineering n i want to appear for gate but my study is not up to the markbto appear for gate 2016 and as its last year of engineering i have to give time for projects ,placements preparations etc so what should i do should i take a drop n appear for 2017? I am very confused please help me out

  10. How can I improve my learning skill fast in gate exam preparation for 2016 .And want to know about how I can cover all topics in a smart way,please guide me…thank you.

    • Try to improve your basics first than go further it will definitely help you to learn the rest quickly.

      Always study in three level anything :
      (1) easy
      (2) medium
      (3) Hard

      First follow easy. Like you are going to study a chapter. Note down all the important topic from exam point of view and study introductory of every topic then move to next chapter and so on. It will not take much time and you will complete your whole syllabus at least once then medium than hard.

      Make a time table for a whole day, for a week, for a month and for a year for GATE 2016. Stick to the time table. Must include time for revision in each time table.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.


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