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UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – Cut-off marks play a crucial role in any competitive recruitment process, including the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) Technician recruitment.

Understanding these cut-off marks is vital for candidates aspiring to secure a technician position with UPPCL.

UPPCL Company Details

Name of organization : Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL)

Type : Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

Website : http://www.uppcl.org/

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – 2023 [Expected]

Category Cut-off Marks
UR 122-127 Marks
OBC 102-107 Marks
SC 66-77 Marks
ST 71-76 Marks
DFF 80-85 Marks
Ex Serviceman 102-107 Marks

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – 2018

Category Cut-off Marks
UR 128.085
OBC 105.051
SC 67.097
ST 72.00
DFF 81.992
Ex Serviceman 105.454

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – 2016

Category Cut-off Marks
UR 131.92
OBC 120.58
SC 102.83
ST 84.42
DFF 82.67
Ex Serviceman 107.58

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – 2015

Category Cut-off Marks
UR 115.75
OBC 108.00
SC 95.25
ST 63.75
DFF 58.50
Ex Serviceman 88.50

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks – 2014

Category Cut-off Marks
UR 135
OBC 124
SC 112
ST 80.67
DFF 91
Ex Serviceman 90

Definition and Purpose of Cut-off Marks

Cut-off marks are the minimum scores or ranks that candidates must achieve to qualify for the next stage of the selection process.

They serve as a threshold to filter out candidates who meet the predefined criteria from those who do not.

For UPPCL Technician recruitment, cut-off marks determine eligibility for further rounds.

How UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks are Determined

Cut-off marks are not arbitrarily set but are determined through a rigorous process.

Factors like the number of vacancies, the difficulty level of the exam, and the number of applicants influence these marks.

UPPCL uses a fair and transparent methodology to calculate the cut-offs.

Factors Affecting UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks

1. Number of Vacancies

A higher number of vacancies can lead to lower cut-off marks as more candidates have the opportunity to qualify. Conversely, limited vacancies may result in higher cut-offs.

2. Difficulty Level of the Exam

The complexity of the exam paper directly impacts cut-off marks. Tougher papers tend to have lower cut-offs, while easier papers may see higher cut-offs.

3. Number of Applicants

A larger pool of applicants often results in increased competition, potentially leading to higher cut-off marks. Conversely, fewer applicants may lead to lower cut-offs.

4. Reservation Policy and Category-wise Cut-offs

Reservation policies can significantly affect category-wise cut-offs. Different categories may have varying cut-off marks based on reservation quotas.

5. Region-wise Variations

Geographical factors can also influence cut-off marks. Certain regions may have more candidates, affecting the overall competition.

Importance of UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks

1. Role of Cut-off Marks in Selection

Cut-off marks are instrumental in determining who proceeds to the next stage of the selection process.

Candidates who meet or exceed the cut-offs are eligible for further evaluation, including document verification and interviews.

2. How Candidates Can Use Cut-off Marks for Self-assessment

Cut-off marks provide candidates with a benchmark to gauge their performance. They allow candidates to assess their readiness and identify areas for improvement.

3. Significance for Aspiring Technicians

Understanding the significance of cut-off marks is crucial for aspiring technicians.

It helps them prepare effectively, set achievable goals, and stay motivated throughout the selection process.

How to Check UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks

1. Official UPPCL Website

The most reliable source for accessing UPPCL Technician cut-off marks is the official UPPCL website.

UPPCL releases the cut-offs along with the examination results.

2. Other Reliable Sources

In addition to the official website, candidates can find cut-off marks on reputable job portals, educational websites, and news outlets.

These sources often provide quick access to the information.

3. Steps to Access Cut-off Marks Online

Candidates can follow a few simple steps to check UPPCL Technician cut-off marks online.

These steps typically involve visiting the official website, navigating to the relevant section, and entering required details such as registration numbers or roll numbers.

What to Do If You Meet the Cut-off Marks

1. Preparing for Further Rounds of Selection

Candidates who meet the cut-off marks must gear up for subsequent rounds, which may include document verification, skill tests, or interviews.

Preparation for these rounds is crucial to secure the technician position.

2. Document Verification and Interview Process

Document verification and interviews are typically part of the selection process for technician roles.

Candidates should ensure they have all necessary documents and prepare for interviews by practicing common interview questions and discussing technical knowledge.

3. Tips for Successful Transition to the Next Stage

To transition successfully to the next stage, candidates should stay organized, follow instructions meticulously, and maintain a professional demeanor during interviews.

What to Do If You Miss the Cut-off Marks

1. Analyzing Weaknesses in the Exam

Candidates who fall short of the cut-off marks should analyze their exam performance.

Identifying weaknesses and areas that require improvement is essential for future attempts.

2. Preparing for the Next UPPCL Technician Recruitment

Missing the cut-off marks is not the end of the road. Candidates can use this experience as a learning opportunity and prepare better for the next UPPCL Technician recruitment.

3. Seeking Professional Guidance and Improvement Strategies

Candidates struggling to meet the cut-off marks can benefit from seeking guidance from mentors or coaching institutes.

Professional guidance can help in identifying areas of improvement and devising effective strategies.


In conclusion, understanding UPPCL Technician cut-off marks is crucial for candidates aspiring to secure technician positions.

These cut-offs serve as a threshold for eligibility and vary based on several factors.

Candidates should use cut-off marks for self-assessment, goal setting, and staying motivated.

Whether meeting or missing the cut-off marks, candidates can leverage the experience to enhance their preparation and improve their chances in future recruitment processes.


For official UPPCL Technician cut-off marks and updates, candidates should refer to the official UPPCL website and official documentation.

UPPCL Technician Cut-off Marks FAQs

Who decides the cut-off marks of the UPPCL Technician exam?

The recruiting body of UPPCL decides the cut-off marks of the UPPCL Technician exam. The official cutoff marks are released on the official website of UPPCL http://www.uppcl.org/

How can I check UPPCL Technician Cut Off for Written Examination?

The official UPPCL Techniciancut-off marks are released on the official website of UPPCL http://www.uppcl.org/

What is the selection process of UPPCL Technician Recruitment?

UPPCL Technician Recruitment has two stages: CBT and Skill test

Do the cut-off marks matter in the selection process for UPPCL Technician exam 2022?

Yes, the cut-off marks are the minimum qualifying marks that ultimately decide the selection of the candidates.

What is the UPPCL Technician Expected Cut off for General Category?

UPPCL Technician Expected Cut off for General Category is around 130 marks.

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