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JEE Advanced 2026 is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. Get details about the exam and registration.

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JEE Advanced 2026 – The Joint Entrance Examination Advanced, commonly known as JEE Advanced, is one of the most prestigious and challenging entrance exams for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

An interesting aspect of JEE Advanced is that it is conducted by different IITs in a rotational manner.

In this article, we will explore the rotational system of conducting JEE Advanced, delve into the history of IITs that have hosted the exam, and look forward to the announcement of the IIT conducting JEE Advanced 2026.

1. The Rotational System of Conducting JEE Advanced

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1. Overview of the Rotational System

JEE Advanced is conducted by different IITs each year in a cyclical rotation.

This system was implemented to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all IITs.

It allows each participating IIT to organize the examination and showcase its capabilities.

2. Historical IITs That Have Conducted JEE Advanced

iit jee advanced 2026 organizing institute

Several IITs have had the honor of hosting JEE Advanced over the years.

The rotational system began in 2013, and each IIT has played its part in conducting this prestigious examination.

Table 1: Historical IITs That Have Hosted JEE Advanced

YearHosting IIT
2013IIT Delhi
2014IIT Kharagpur
2015IIT Bombay
2016IIT Guwahati
2017IIT Madras
2018IIT Kanpur
2019IIT Roorkee
2020IIT Delhi
2021IIT Kharagpur
2022IIT Bombay
2023IIT Guwahati
2024IIT Madras
2025IIT Kanpur
2026IIT Roorkee

3. Purpose and Benefits of the Rotational System

The rotational system of conducting JEE Advanced serves several purposes.

Firstly, it ensures that no single IIT hosts the exam repeatedly, promoting fairness among all IITs.

Secondly, it allows different IITs to contribute to the examination’s development, thereby enhancing diversity in the question papers and examination processes.

2. The Announcement of IIT Conducting JEE Advanced 2026

1. Official Announcement and Confirmation

The announcement of the IIT hosting JEE Advanced 2026 is eagerly awaited by aspirants, coaching institutes, and the academic community.

The official announcement usually comes from the organizing IIT and the examination authorities.

2. Selection Process for the Hosting IIT

The selection of the hosting IIT follows a predefined process, which involves a sequence of IITs based on the rotational order.

The final decision is made by the Joint Admission Board (JAB) of IITs.

3. Expectations and Speculations Surrounding the Selection

While the hosting IIT is determined based on the rotational system, there is always anticipation and speculation within the JEE Advanced community.

Aspirants and experts may speculate about the upcoming hosting IIT and what it might bring to the examination.

4. Importance of Knowing the Hosting IIT

1. Impact on Aspirants and Examination Logistics

The hosting IIT can have an impact on various aspects of the examination, including the location of exam centers, the examination date, and logistical arrangements.

Aspirants need to stay updated to make necessary preparations.

2. Potential Changes in Examination Conduct and Centers

Different IITs may introduce variations in examination procedures, center allocations, and even the format of question papers.

Being aware of the hosting IIT can help aspirants adapt their strategies accordingly.

5. How Aspirants Can Prepare Accordingly

1. Staying Updated with Official Announcements

Aspirants should closely follow official announcements and updates regarding JEE Advanced 2026.

These updates provide critical information about the hosting IIT and any changes in examination procedures.

2. Adapting to Any Changes Introduced by the Hosting IIT

It’s essential for aspirants to be flexible and adapt to any changes that the hosting IIT may introduce.

This includes understanding the examination format, logistics, and any specific instructions.

3. Utilizing Resources and Guidance from the Hosting IIT

The hosting IIT often provides valuable resources, guidance, and FAQs to help aspirants prepare effectively.

Leveraging these resources can be beneficial for aspirants.

6. Conclusion

The rotation of IITs in conducting JEE Advanced is a unique and equitable system that showcases the collective efforts of all IITs in maintaining transparency and fairness.

As the announcement of the hosting IIT for JEE Advanced 2026 approaches, aspirants should stay informed, flexible, and prepared for any changes that may come their way.

Regardless of the hosting IIT, JEE Advanced continues to be a pathway to the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology.

7. References

For official updates on JEE Advanced and the announcement of the hosting IIT for 2026, please refer to the official JEE Advanced website and documentation.

JEE Advanced 2026 FAQs

Which IIT is responsible for conducting JEE Advanced?

The organizing IIT for JEE Advanced changes annually. Check the official JEE Advanced website or announcements for the current organizing IIT.

How frequently does the organizing IIT for JEE Advanced change?

The organizing IIT for JEE Advanced changes every year, ensuring a fair rotation among the IITs.

Where can I find information about the current organizing IIT for JEE Advanced?

Look for the information on the official JEE Advanced website or in official notifications from the examination authorities.

Is there a specific pattern to how IITs take turns in conducting JEE Advanced?

Yes, the rotation of organizing IITs follows a predetermined sequence established by the examination authorities.

Can I choose the organizing IIT for JEE Advanced when applying for the exam?

No, candidates cannot choose the organizing IIT for JEE Advanced. The allocation is predetermined and can be found in official announcements.

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