Can I Use Calculator during GATE 2024 Exam?



“Is scientific calculator is allowed in gate 2022 exam?
I heard that from 2016 electronic calculator is not allowed?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. 
Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

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can use calculator gate exam

 Can I Use Calculator during GATE 2022 Exam  – Many candidates have asked me about using calculator in GATE 2022 exam. Some common questions are :
Q 1. Can we use scientific calculator in GATE 2022 exam ?
Q 2. Is electronic calculator is allowed this time ?
Q 3. Will we be provided with an online scientific calculator in GATE 2022 exam ? or We have to carry our own ?

Answer is No, Online virtual calculator would be available for candidates during GATE 2022 exam. 

How this Calculator Look like ? How it Works ?

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind.

Don’t worry much. GATE office will put a Mock Test on their official website which would be same as GATE 2022 online exam. The online virtual calculator would be integrated within this GATE 2022 online Mock Test.

This is a preview of online scientific calculator which was available in GATE 2018 Mock Test provided by GATE office.


Online Scientific Calculator in GATE History

This is a preview of GATE 2015 online Mock Test provided by GATE office.


* Click image to enlarge. 

The story of use of online scientific calculator in GATE exam starts from GATE 2015. When there was an information in GATE 2015 information brochure related to use of online scientific calculator during GATE 2015 exam.

Information as per GATE 2015 information brochure related to use of online scientific calculator during GATE 2015 exam :


Many candidates get tensed because of this sudden change in GATE exam about use of online scientific calculator. There were only few months left for GATE 2015 exam. Some who were not familiarize with using computer, faced more difficulty in using this online calculator. How to use it ? How good we would be able to operate in real time GATE exam ? This kind of question came in their mind. Some who have smartphone download online scientific calculator related apps from google app store and start using it while preparing for GATE 2015 exam but still candidates were facing problems to operate an online scientific calculator in comparison of offline scientific calculator and facing difficulty in being familiarize in this short period of time with this new change. GATE office also realized this and released a notice related to use of offline scientific calculator during GATE 2015 exam.

Information as per GATE 2015 office related to use of offline scientific calculator during GATE 2015 exam :


Advs & Dadvs of using Online Scientific Calculator in GATE exam

Advantages :
1. As we all know GATE 2016 exam would be online. So, this online scientific calculator would be helpful for the candidates for solving problems quickly. They don’t need to note down the numerical values on the paper every time and calculate. GATE office wants to provide same platform for exam paper & calculator so that they introduced online scientific calculator along with online exam paper.

2. This Online scientific calculator will be available for all the candidates who will attend GATE 2016 exam i.e., same calculator for all. Some candidates have more functioning calculator than other. So, such candidates always have advantage over other one in GATE exam.

3. This technique will also help the candidates whose calculator stop working during exam time and will also help for those who forgot to carry their scientific calculator with them to the exam center.

Disadvantages :

1. Those who are more habitual with their own offline scientific calculator may find some difficult in operating this online scientific calculator.

2. Many candidates are there who are not habitual with computer based tests. Such candidates will face more difficulty in operating this online scientific calculator.

3. Many candidates are there who neither have computer nor smartphone for operating such kind of test as well as online scientific calculator will face difficulty in operating this online scientific calculator.


After few days GATE office will release GATE 2016 official detailed notification. Either along with this GATE 2016 notification or after few days GATE office will put Mock Test on the official website of GATE 2016. This Mock Test would be same as the online test that you would face on your GATE exam day. This Mock Test will include this online scientific calculator. Try to use this online calculator as much as you can. Those candidates who study using their Laptop or Desktop PC keep this GATE online Mock Test always open and use this online scientific calculator all the time when you calculate something. Those candidates who are not habitual with Laptop or Desktop PC based study but habitual in using smartphones may download this kind of calculator app from Google app store and use that for calculations while preparing for GATE.

Finally, You need to be habitual with this online GATE Test as well as online scientific calculator. Because this is the first time when GATE office is going to introduce online scientific calculator along with online GATE exam. It doesn’t matter either you have Laptop/Desktop PC/Smartphone or Not. This GATE exam is necessary for every candidate who want to qualify it also true for online scientific calculator. This online scientific calculator will play an important role in your rank in GATE exam.

Practice makes a man perfect.
Imagine yourself without having any kind of calculator in GATE exam. This would be the same case if you don’t practice this online scientific calculator enough.

Good luck for your GATE Preparation !!

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  1. For streams like electrical and mechanical where we have to solve linear equations of three varibales and need matrix inversion etc this online calculator wont be helpfull at all. Plus it will take far more time the conventional calculators to solve any numerical problems and as gate is all about numericals i think students will feel some unnecessary and inconvenience which will hamper their performance.

    In all engineering semesters and exam calculators are allowed so i think gate authorities should allow it as it is an essential tool for engineering student.

    • Hello gudul,

      I can understand what you are thinking but this calculator is applicable to all so whatever you would face everyone face who is going to attend GATE 2016.
      General Aptitude section require very less calculations and some questions in Mathematics and Subject section also require less or no calculations.
      So I think 3 hours (180 minutes) are enough for 65 questions.

    • Hello shah,

      Yes they will provide papers for rough work.
      GATE exam is not a one line solution kind of paper GATE office know it very well.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

    • I have a very fearfull doubt.i have worked on virtual keypad in my laptop and for using each key u have to use mouse, this is very tedious and consumes a lot of time and from the pictures above it seems it will operated by mouse.and if that is the case then we all are screwed since using calculator alone would consume a lot of time.

      • Hello Arvind,

        I can understand what you are thinking but this calculator is applicable to all so whatever you would face everyone face who is going to attend GATE 2016.

      • Exactly arvind, you have to click n number of times to do a single calculation. plus think about the error. If you miss type one digit to correct it you have to correct it by clicking mouse one digit by digit. So throughout the exam you will be bothered about this calculator only.

        Admin, can we do something to prevent this useless and troubling decision?

        • Hello Gudul,

          Let the notification of GATE 2016 come.
          If you find any kind of difficulty in using online virtual calculator.
          You can write about it for GATE 2016 organizing office.
          This is what I can suggest you right now.


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