Is Calculator Allowed in GATE 2025?




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Find out if calculators are permitted in GATE 2024. Understand the exam rules and guidelines regarding calculator usage.

“Is scientific calculator is allowed in gate 2024 exam?
Is electronic calculator is not allowed in gate 2024 exam?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. 
Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

can use calculator gate exam

Is Calculator Allowed in GATE 2024 – The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a highly competitive examination that evaluates the knowledge and problem-solving skills of engineering and science graduates.

Many candidates wonder whether they can use a calculator during the GATE exam. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the policies and guidelines regarding calculator usage in GATE 2024.

The GATE exam is known for its challenging questions that require analytical and problem-solving skills. Candidates often rely on calculators for complex calculations in various exams.

However, the use of calculators in GATE is subject to specific rules and guidelines set by the conducting authorities.

1. Calculator Usage in Competitive Exams

Calculators play a significant role in various competitive exams, including engineering and management entrance tests.

They assist candidates in performing calculations quickly and accurately, especially for numerical and mathematical questions.

However, the use of calculators in these exams is regulated to maintain fairness and prevent cheating.

Table 1: Common Competitive Exams Allowing Calculators

ExamCalculator Policy
GATEUse of an on-screen calculator
CAT (Common Admission Test)No use of calculators
GRE (Graduate Record Examination)Use of a designated on-screen calculator
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)Use of an on-screen calculator
UPSC Civil Services ExamNo use of calculators
JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)No use of calculators

It’s evident from Table 1 that calculator policies vary widely across competitive exams. While some exams permit calculators, others strictly prohibit their use.

2. Calculator Policies in Previous GATE Exams

To understand the calculator policy in GATE 2024, let’s review the policies in previous GATE exams.

This historical context can provide insights into any changes or developments.

Table 2: Calculator Policies in Past GATE Exams

GATE Exam YearCalculator Policy
GATE 2023Use of a virtual calculator provided in the exam interface. Candidates not allowed to bring physical calculators.
GATE 2022Similar policy as GATE 2023 with the use of the virtual calculator. Physical calculators not permitted.
GATE 2021Introduction of the virtual calculator. Physical calculators were banned inside the exam hall.
GATE 2020No use of calculators, physical or virtual, allowed in the exam. Candidates had to rely on manual calculations.

Table 2 reveals that recent GATE exams have allowed the use of a virtual calculator provided within the exam interface.

However, physical calculators have been consistently prohibited in recent years.

3. GATE 2024 Exam Rules and Guidelines

To address the question of whether calculators are allowed in GATE 2024, it’s essential to consult the official rules and guidelines provided by the GATE authorities.

The specific policies may evolve from year to year, so candidates must stay informed about the latest regulations.

Table 3: GATE 2024 Calculator Policy

Exam YearCalculator Policy
GATE 2024Use of a virtual calculator provided in the exam interface. Candidates not allowed to bring physical calculators.

As of now, the calculator policy for GATE 2024 has been officially announced.

Candidates are advised to regularly check the official GATE website for updates, including the detailed calculator policy, once the official notification is released.

4. Is Calculator Allowed in GATE 2024?

Many candidates have asked me about using calculator in GATE 2024 exam. Some common questions are:

  • Question 1. Can we use scientific calculator in GATE 2024 exam?
  • Question 2. Is electronic calculator is allowed this time?
  • Question 3. Will we be provided with an online scientific calculator in GATE 2024 exam ? or We have to carry our own?

Answer is NO, Online virtual calculator would be available for candidates during GATE 2024 exam.

5. How GATE Virtual Calculator Look like ? How it Works ?

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Don’t worry much.

GATE office will put a Mock Test on their official website which would be same as GATE 2024 online exam.

The online virtual calculator would be integrated within this GATE 2024 online Mock Test.

This is a preview of online scientific calculator which was available in GATE 2018 Mock Test provided by GATE office.


p.txtDownload Offline Virtual Calculator for PC : Click Here

6. Importance of Using Online Scientific Calculators for GATE 2024

In the era of digital learning, candidates preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) have a valuable ally at their fingertips—an online scientific calculator.

Whether you’re studying on a laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone, having access to this tool can significantly enhance your GATE preparation.

1. Study with Ease on Your Laptop or Desktop PC

For candidates who prefer the convenience of studying on their laptop or desktop PC, keeping the GATE online Mock Test open is a common practice.

This allows you to seamlessly integrate the online scientific calculator into your study routine.

With quick and easy access to the calculator, you can perform complex calculations with precision, making your preparation more efficient.

2. Smartphone Users, There’s an App for You Too

If you’re more inclined to use your smartphone for study purposes, fret not. You can easily download scientific calculator apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

These apps mimic the functions of a physical scientific calculator, providing you with the necessary tools to tackle numerical challenges while preparing for GATE.

It’s all about adapting your study approach to what suits you best.

7. Why Online Scientific Calculators Matter for GATE

1. Accessible to All GATE 2024 Candidates

No matter your choice of device, the GATE exam is an essential milestone for every aspiring candidate.

Likewise, the online scientific calculator levels the playing field, ensuring that all candidates have access to the same essential tool.

This inclusivity is a significant step forward in creating a fair examination environment.

2. Your Key to Success in GATE 2024

The online scientific calculator isn’t just another feature; it’s a game-changer.

Its role in your GATE exam performance cannot be overstated.

Whether you’re tackling complex mathematical problems or performing intricate scientific calculations, having a reliable calculator at your disposal can make all the difference.

8. Alternatives to Calculator

While calculator usage may be restricted in GATE, candidates can employ alternative strategies to tackle complex calculations during the exam.

Here are some effective alternatives:

Table 4: Alternatives to Calculator

Alternative MethodDescription
Mental MathEnhance mental math skills for quick calculations.
EstimationMake educated estimates to narrow down answer choices.
SimplificationSimplify complex expressions to ease calculations.
Unit ConversionsConvert units to simplify calculations and avoid errors.
Problem SolvingPractice problem-solving techniques to tackle numerical questions effectively.

These alternatives can help candidates navigate the exam efficiently, even without the use of calculators.

9. Conclusion

The question of whether a calculator is allowed in GATE 2024 is currently answered, as the official calculator policy for the exam has been released.

To ensure compliance with the rules and guidelines, candidates must closely follow updates on the official GATE website.

As you embark on your GATE 2024 journey, remember that technology is your ally.

Whether you choose to study on a laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone, there’s a solution for you.

The online scientific calculator is a vital companion that will help you tackle challenging questions and improve your chances of success in the GATE exam.

In the end, it’s not about the device you use; it’s about your determination and how effectively you utilize the tools at your disposal.

Make online scientific calculators an integral part of your GATE preparation, and watch as they boost your confidence and elevate your performance on exam day.

Practice makes a man perfect.

Imagine yourself without having any kind of calculator in GATE exam. This would be the same case if you don’t practice this online scientific calculator enough.

Good luck for your GATE Preparation !!

Can I Use Calculator during GATE 2024 Exam FAQs

Can I use a calculator during the GATE 2024 exam?

No, the use of calculators is not allowed during the GATE exam. The exam is designed to test your problem-solving skills and understanding of concepts without the aid of a calculator.

What alternative is provided for calculations during the GATE exam?

The GATE exam provides an online virtual calculator that can be accessed on the computer screen during the exam. This calculator is specifically designed to perform various mathematical operations and functions required for the exam.

Can I use any other external devices or electronic aids during the exam?

No, apart from the virtual calculator provided, the use of any other electronic devices, aids, or physical calculators is strictly prohibited during the GATE exam. This includes mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, or any other electronic device.

Can I practice using the virtual calculator before the GATE exam?

Yes, the virtual calculator is available for practice on the official GATE website. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with its functions and operations to be comfortable using it during the actual exam.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of the virtual calculator during the exam?

The virtual calculator can be used freely during the exam, but you should adhere to the instructions provided by the exam authorities.

Ensure that you are using the calculator only for calculations related to the exam questions and not for any other purposes.

Is there a tutorial or guide available for using the virtual calculator?

Yes, the GATE website provides a tutorial video and user guide for the virtual calculator. It is recommended to go through these resources to understand the functionality and usage of the calculator.

Can I bring a physical calculator to the exam center as a backup?

No, physical calculators are not allowed in the exam center, even as a backup. You are only permitted to use the virtual calculator provided on the computer screen during the exam.

Can I access the internet or external websites through the virtual calculator?

No, the virtual calculator provided during the GATE exam does not have internet access. It is a standalone calculator application specifically designed for the exam.

Can I raise a query or concern regarding the virtual calculator during the exam?

Yes, if you face any technical issues or have queries related to the virtual calculator during the exam, you can raise it with the exam invigilator. They will guide you accordingly and provide necessary assistance.

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  1. For streams like electrical and mechanical where we have to solve linear equations of three varibales and need matrix inversion etc this online calculator wont be helpfull at all. Plus it will take far more time the conventional calculators to solve any numerical problems and as gate is all about numericals i think students will feel some unnecessary and inconvenience which will hamper their performance.

    In all engineering semesters and exam calculators are allowed so i think gate authorities should allow it as it is an essential tool for engineering student.

    • Hello gudul,

      I can understand what you are thinking but this calculator is applicable to all so whatever you would face everyone face who is going to attend GATE 2016.
      General Aptitude section require very less calculations and some questions in Mathematics and Subject section also require less or no calculations.
      So I think 3 hours (180 minutes) are enough for 65 questions.

    • Hello shah,

      Yes they will provide papers for rough work.
      GATE exam is not a one line solution kind of paper GATE office know it very well.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

    • I have a very fearfull doubt.i have worked on virtual keypad in my laptop and for using each key u have to use mouse, this is very tedious and consumes a lot of time and from the pictures above it seems it will operated by mouse.and if that is the case then we all are screwed since using calculator alone would consume a lot of time.

      • Hello Arvind,

        I can understand what you are thinking but this calculator is applicable to all so whatever you would face everyone face who is going to attend GATE 2016.

      • Exactly arvind, you have to click n number of times to do a single calculation. plus think about the error. If you miss type one digit to correct it you have to correct it by clicking mouse one digit by digit. So throughout the exam you will be bothered about this calculator only.

        Admin, can we do something to prevent this useless and troubling decision?

        • Hello Gudul,

          Let the notification of GATE 2016 come.
          If you find any kind of difficulty in using online virtual calculator.
          You can write about it for GATE 2016 organizing office.
          This is what I can suggest you right now.


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