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15 Must Read Tips and Tricks for GATE 2018 Aspirants

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1. First of all go through latest syllabus of GATE completely. Read every single topic of each subject carefully mentioned in the GATE syllabus.

“It is important to know what to study but
it is more important to know what not to study”

Because you have to choose subjects to study as per GATE syllabus you do not need to study all subjects which you have studied during your B.E. / B. Tech. course.

2. Buy Made Easy / ACE Academy GATE previous years papers book with explained solution. It will surely help greatly those who are preparing self at home.

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3. Always read standard books

Must check : GATE 2018 Books

Why need to read standard books ?
Because standard books written by highly experienced Professors of reputed institutes / universities. Data available in those books are very well examined on theoretical as well as practical measurements. These books always comes with complete analysis and statistics which you can find on the start and last of the books.
GATE papers are designed by IISc, IIT, NITs highly experienced professor those who have written many international and national level books and articles. So always try to use standard books. Try to avoid mere knowledge books. Some standard publications are Tata McGraw-Hill (TMH), Prentice-Hall of India (PHI), Wiley etc.

4. Many would say 3 to 4 month serious preparation is enough but I would suggest you as per present competition you must start your preparation as soon as possible targeting GATE 2018 examination.

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5. First of all make proper plan before starting your GATE preparation. What you have to study ? What you have already studied or in which areas you are weak and in which areas you are strong ? How many hours you have in a day for GATE preparation ? Specially if you are preparing for GATE with college study.

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6. In free time try to read articles or guide notes written by previously qualified candidates or toppers. It will surely give you a good idea about GATE preparation because experience take time and you are getting it without wasting your time. If possible try to communicate with them so that they can rectify your silly mistakes in your preparation strategy.

7. Always keep a copy of syllabus of GATE with you, refer it as much as possible because many time we try to ignore many topic and those topics have big portion in your GATE paper and that inversely affect your rank in GATE examination.

Must check : GATE 2018 Information Brochure

8. Don’t start your preparation in rush like doing all subjects at once. Starting studying everything like theory and numerical of all subjects at once it will confused you in last time preparation. Start with basics then go high as you find yourself good enough prepared. As per my suggestion make your GATE preparation plan in three steps :
(1) First basic studies like definitions, units, dimensions etc. It will help you very well in extension study of that particular subject. (2) Theoretical portion of that particular subject. (3) Numerical portion of that particular subject.
At last revision of that particular subject before starting new one. Try to study only one subject at a time. If you can manage two subjects at a time that would also good. But more then two subjects at a time may lead you in big confusion in last time preparation or at revision time.

9. Try to solve as much as possible theoretical and numerical problems because as said “Practice makes man perfect”.
I will suggest you read only one subject at a time  from only one book. That one book must good enough to follow GATE syllabus. So before starting GATE study, consult with your seniors or GATE qualifiers about books for GATE preparation. Do not follow books without knowledge because all books don’t have good learning material it may lead you less marks in GATE exam.

Must check : GATE 2018 Books

10. Stay with a particular topic, understand what GATE paper designer ask from that topic, read all questions asked in GATE previous years, try to solve similar kind of question from as much as possible books.

11. When you find you have done enough questions for that particular topic then try to find some tricks that will help you to solve question with in  shortest possible time so that you can utilize your remaining time in other questions solving because in GATE paper three kind of questions they asked :
(1) Easy : Which many students would be able to answer without much preparation. (2) Moderate : These kind of question easily answered by who prepared for GATE with some awareness. (3) Hard : For this kind of questions student need very good preparation of every single topic of each subject mentioned in the GATE syllabus.
This kind of question mostly lengthy and include more than 1 logic which you have to apply to solve that particular question. Many times 3-4 logic. So, such kind of question need more attention and need more time to solve than easy questions. So always try to save your time in exam for such kind of questions.

Must check : GATE Previous Years Papers 

12. Always try to develop some good tricks while you study at home because to be master in some kind of tricks you have to practice it as much as possible time.
You can learn it from a magician he work for a single trick nearly 10-12 hours in a single day for just making one show of some minutes but what after introducing that trick ?

All the people in the hall just praise his work and clap for his trick same as that magician you have to practice as much as possible to make your trick successful for that you need to study continuously for hours with very high concentration.

13. Mock tests are the most important part in your preparation because you are going to prepare for an exam not for writing a book. So if you will not try to prepare in exam like environment you will surely do some silly kind of mistakes in the exam that in return lead you less marks.
So if possible try to make some mock tests by yourself if you can’t afford any coaching expanses or try to collect some test papers from your friends who have joined coaching and taking mock tests. You can use those papers as your own mock test preparation just sit with your table and chair like in exam, set a clock for 3 hours exam like as exam hall and try to solve question same as you would solve in your GATE exam. If you can afford coaching expenses then you may join any test series of good coaching institute.

Mock tests give you a good idea about time management in the exam hall in which many fails due to some silly reasons. The whole plan of exam must be in your mind like you have given this exam many times even if you are giving it first time. It would only possible if you prepare yourself for this exam previously very well.

14. Always evaluate yourself, not just run like a horse in a race. Make a plan for study. Study for 6 days in a week and left 1 day for revision purpose for what you have studied in last 6 days. Same do it for a month plan. Leave 2-3 days of a month in last for the revision for what you have studied in that particular month.
You need to revise what you have studied in your whole preparation like if you have 6 months for GATE preparation than you have to complete your whole GATE syllabus in just 5 months. Keep last month for revision because you can’t revise/recall everything what you have studied in last 5 months without revising it.

15. If you don’t have enough time to prepare the whole syllabus of GATE then first calculate in what areas examiner asked questions the most try to prepare them first then others.

If you need any kind of guidance or have any kind of query related to GATE examination preparation you may write it below through comment box. We will provide solution as soon as possible. Feel free to ask anything related to GATE preparation. Good Luck for your GATE 2018 Exam 🙂

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  1. It is India’s BEST website for GATE 2018 Exam Preparation.

  2. Hi,
    I’m Dinesh.P currently doing my B.tech in Civil Engineering 3rd year (completed 5th Semester) and planning to study for GATE. I don’t have any idea about from which subject to start from… Kindly help me in this regard…

  3. In engineering Which branches are allow for gate exam and Why not electronic and telecommunication book present in a market.

  4. I wanna know. what are the facilities provided in PSU …if I m going through GATE.

  5. Hello sir… I want to know what is benefit ho sc/st category in PSU job after scoring 50+ in gate exam… With mechanical Branch… Please reply me sir

  6. Sir I want to get top 10 rank in gate. I have that capability also. But the main thing is should I study all the topics in standard textbook. Are important topics. But I felt every topic has related to another topic. Is it good to prepare all. I am e2 now.

    • Hello Kanchu,

      One who want to get rank under 10 in GATE need to prepare everything mentioned in GATE syllabus but first do what is more important.
      You can divide your GATE exam syllabus in 3 parts.
      Very Important
      Less Important.
      You must prepare first Very Important topics properly then Important and at last Less Important.
      Very Important topics must prepared by you without any fail.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

      • Thank you for your suggestion sir.I understood that thing.I am good about signal and system and weak in Electronics should i refer nptel videos.If yes i have 40 videos for each subject.In ece we have 8 subjects.If i refer all videos is it good.

        • Hello santosh,

          Thanks for appreciating our work.
          First NPTEL videos are good for understanding topics of engineering subjects.
          Second this is a source of information out of many. If this technique suits you means understanding topics using NPTEL videos then you can refer NPTEL videos without any issue.

          Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  7. Sr I am Mahendra Yadav pursuing I am in b. Tech third year so I want to do preparation of Gate from this time so what I do help me some my Gmail is yadavmahendra611@gmail.com

  8. How to get AIR-1 in Gate exam ?
    This article will surely help you to get AIR-1 in Gate exam.

  9. I am a working person, and i am having only 4 months from now, can you suggest me how to start preparation. i applied for computer science.

  10. Sir, iam preparing for gate & for that i am studyingMade easy notes doing previous year ques.
    But now , i am thinking to add some more practicing book in my schedule and little bit confused which would be worth for that.i am confused in kanodia book and schaum series.as i can follow only one of them, so, please tell which one should i bought …or just practicing prev year gate questions 4-5 times will be enough.
    Curiously waiting for ur reply.

  11. Sir, I’m civil engineering student.
    can you please give me suggestions for how to prepare gate 2017 in 3months…
    And how to select subjects for good score with easy preparation…….

  12. Sir i am a lateral entry student. i am poor in mathematics like differentiation and integration . how can I prepare for gate exam ?

    • Hello durga,

      Try to understand these topics from level zero.
      Like 1+1 = 2.
      You can opt any online or offline book for this purpose even you can start these topics understanding from your 11th & 12th class books.
      You can take help of coaching institute or any close friend which can help you for these topics. These are the best ways which we can suggest you.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  13. Hello sir my name is sagar Gupta ..I m studying in NIT-MANIPUR…. presently I am student of 3rd semester of mechanical engineering……..I m having subjects….. Thermodynamics, strength of materials, engineering materials, manufacturing technology and mathematics….can you provide me the name of textbooks for these subjects for GATE.

  14. Sir , I read your article and it really helpful . I have some problem. Firstly I am currently a Final year Information Technology student under WBUT . On our syllabus Compiler design and discrete mathematics not there but those 2 subjects are in GATE syllabus.So I dont know a single thing of those subjects. Also I started my GATE 2017 preparation from this final year. My question to you , so how can I prepare for GATE with those subjects (Compiler Design and Discrete Maths )?

    • Hello Pritam,

      GATE syllabus is designed as per the requirement of that particular branch, it doesn’t depend upon any university/college i.e., Information Technology in your case.
      Certainly if you are going to prepare for GATE and want to get good rank/marks in GATE then you have to prepare these two subjects too.
      Just follow one standard book of these two subjects which will give a good idea about each topic of GATE syllabus of your branch.
      Please follow this link for GATE 2017 CS&IT Reference Books : http://www.gate2016.info/gate-books/computer-science-and-information-technology-cs-gate-books/
      You can get idea about GATE level questions from previous years papers of CS&IT branch.
      Made Easy or ACE book you can prefer any. Check these from above given link.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  15. Hello sir ,

    i am going to buy ACE mathematics solved papers with solutions book .
    Here is the link for the book .


    From the description i am not sure if it contains solutions with explanations or only solutions.

    Can you please help me confirm this as I want solutions with proper explanations and not just
    “The right answer is option (a)” kind of answers.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. I’m planning to take an internship to enhance my industrial skills. Will this affect my GATE preparation ? Added to this, I heard people saying do many presentations with the interest subjects to gain knowledge. Please, input your suggestion to me.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Hari,

      All these things are good for you & your engineering course.
      But I am going to tell you a bitter truth, What if you do your engineering & all other things good but fail to score qualifying marks in GATE year by year.
      GATE AIR 1 will get call from all PSUs & one who has many certificates at their graduation level but do not qualify GATE will not get call from any PSU.
      What I want to say give first preference to your GATE exam or any other exam for which you are preparing.
      Now decision is yours.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  17. Mona Chourshiya

    Sir im self preparing for gate 2017. Will u plz tell me wat type of schedule n books I must follow for scoring well.

  18. Now, I am doing the Aeronautical Engg. I further studying at abroad. Please guide me for apply the Gate2017.

  19. iam a eee student . please tell me it is possible to study all subject in 6 months for gate.

  20. Hello sir , my name chinni achari. Firstly i would like to thank you.
    Sir while solving problems in text books we were unable to know the exact right answer , so i would like to request you that please provide some kind of solutions for preferred text books

    Thanking you,
    Chinni achari

  21. sir…….. i am in B.Tech {electronics and communication} 3rd year (started)…………i am confused whether i should prepare for gate or ies ……..or i should prepare for both simultaneously………..
    if i prepare for any of the exam( gate or ies) ……….what should i do for prepration and how to do prepration……..
    i also dont want to join any coaching…….
    Plz help me sir…..

  22. I m sagar Gupta studying in NIT–M … n my branch is Mechanical. Presently I m in 2nd year .can you suggest me how to plan n prepare for GATE….. becuz I want to get under 10 rank.

  23. I need time table to prepare gate exam for mechanical.

  24. Rojalin Tripathy

    sir please suggest me how should I prepare for both gate and IES. Please sir.

  25. Rojalin Tripathy

    sir I have not joined any coaching classes and I have just completed my btech in CE branch. Please suggest me how to prepare for gate 2017 by own. Please help me.

  26. prasanna annepu

    helo sir, can i prepare for GATE at home?, or is coaching compulsary? im civil engg student sir.. which books are good to refer to compelte GATE syllabus..?

  27. sir, now my 4th sem EEE is running i have decided to write my gate exam in 2018 sir i have no idea about how to start my preparation ..i started watching nptel lectures of electrical machines and signals and system and understanding it..but theres a big question mark in my mind that is it sufficient for my exam also simultaneously i have a zeal of getting into IES sir ..and i am an average student..sir i want to get complete knowledge of my subject as well as i need the practical knowledge of electrical engineering..by doing internships wil we be able to get that..can you please provide me the correct syllabus and reference books for gate cum IES so that i can concenterate and try to give my best…please help me sir..

  28. Hello admin,my name is Suvin Majithia. I am an engineering student in IT branch and am preparing for gate 2017. I wanted to ask for a preparation plan or time table on how to prepare well for gate 2017. As i have my final year project going on simultaneously and also i go to coaching for gate i am not able to prepare nicely for gate. In coaching as to cover the syllabus they finish a subject soon and we are not able to cope up with their speed given my time table. So what to do and how to prepare? As i do not want to avoid taking a year’s drop.

  29. sir
    i’m pursuing my b.tech in ME . through lateral entry.i have saw there is no career option in PSUs for us.
    now i’m in 4th year and dreaming to do a job in PSUs.
    sir,plz show me path .i want to know which organisation i can go through GATE(govt./PSUs).
    plz plz plz help me…

    • Hello Ashis,

      If you have completed or you are in the final year of BE/B Tech of ME then you are completely eligible for PSUs recruiting through GATE.
      It doesn’t matter you entered into BE/B Tech course after completing 12th or after completing engineering diploma.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  30. sir
    i am totally poor in basics. can i crack the gate below 500 rank. i want to job in psus plz suggest me what are the plans ,am totally scared about my future plzz sir help me

  31. Hello sir,
    my name is Mayank..I completed my 3 year diploma ..nd now I m doing b.tech(2nd)..because diploma holders direct admission in b.tech(2nd year)…tell me one think..that..
    1)kya ydi me b.tech ka pura syllabus pdta chlta hu to ye gate ki preparation k brabr hoga..mtlb b.tech ka syllabus or gate syllabus same h na..?
    2)mere strategy h ki sath me ydi me made easy or kytx or ACE ki test series dete chlu to esse faaeda rhega ya b.tech k complete hone k baad gate ki preparation kru aalag se….?
    3)kya running me b.tech ka pura syllabus PD leta hu to..after b.tech me Cochin join nhi kru(jisme pura syllabus krvate h) yaonly test series join kru…?
    4)kya b.tech vala student graduation k baad Gate crck kr skta h ya Cochin cmplsry h..?
    5)b.ech k leye. standard book lu ya Jo sb pdte h vo…?
    reply me sir…I m waiting for your answer… Thnks

  32. i have appeared for gate 2016 and i have done very silly mistakes .so please tell me how to avoid these siilly mistakes. is there any hope for psu between 55-60 marks in this year ? i belong to obc category . so please suggest me

    • Hello amit,

      Some silly mistakes are general in nature which can be avoided by basic awareness and some by practice GATE exam in exam like environment.
      Rest mistakes vary person to person. So you have notice them and rectify them at your level.
      Although cut off depends upon many factors like number of candidates appear in GATE exam, difficulty level of GATE paper, number of seats in each PSUs. You can get some idea from previous years cut-offs but you can’t get some certain cut-offs. I hope you are understanding.
      PSUs Cut-off marks : http://www.gate2016.info/psus-cut-off-marks/

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  33. Chiranjivee Pratap Singh

    Currently I am a working professional having 6 days a week job. I need to prepare for GATE 2017 and strongly want IIT for M.tech. What should be my strategy and on what subjects should I focus. I am ECE graduate of 2013 batch. I also want to join some coaching with only classes on sunday … Please suggest

  34. hello sir ,
    i am doing btech 2013-17. I do collage work as well as i prepar for gate . how i manage my time and from where i start study? please tell method how i prepar i want to crack gate in 2017

  35. . For SE mechanical ,
    TOM SOM and Applied Thermodynamics [ I.C]. Which books are best Clearing concepts and Gate cracking books . And Recommended by Gate experts .

  36. Hello , admin. For SE mechanical ,
    TOM SOM and Applied Thermodynamics [ I.C]. Which books are best Clearing concepts and Gate cracking books . And Recommended by Gate experts .

  37. Hi admin , I’m in SE mech pune university In university prescribed books there are two section for each subject like textbook and reference for eg . FoR
    Fluid Mechanics Textbook = R.K.Bansal ,
    And that for reference = kundu Cohen Dowling
    I’m so confused what to purchase exactly Indian authors or International

    • Hello Sahil,

      Text books specially designed as per certain syllabus / follow certain syllabus while reference books are not.
      But still we follow reference books because they help us to understand our syllabus in depth.
      These reference books are generally written by well known national or foreign authors.These books doesn’t vary university to university or country to country. You may say them universal books.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  38. Amit Sadashiv Patil

    Hello sir,
    I am Amit Sadashiv Patil, in Third year CSE from Pune.
    I have started my GATE preparation from Ace Postal Coaching.
    Whenever I get doubt I refer google to solve it. I just prepare subject wise from the booklets provided by Ace class.
    I do not refer standard reference books but as I said I clear my doubts from net and focus on solving more quality questions to get concepts thorough.

    Reading reference books looks so time taking for me. And I feel that GATE exam is of solving MCQs based on concepts.

    Am I going in totally wrong direction???
    Please help…

    • Hello Amit,

      The main thing is you must clear your concepts. The source of info doesn’t matter but it must authentic that’s why we refer popular authors books.
      What if you solve a question in GATE exam and after getting result you find that you mistakenly solves 2/3 question wrong not because of lack of knowledge but wrong knowledge.
      So you may refer any source of info but checking that source of info authenticity is your responsibility.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  39. Sir i m in 3rd year b.tech (civil) and i wants to starts my preparation for GATE IES 2017 …SO Tell how can i do and from which standard book i start my study

  40. Hello Sir !
    I am 2013-17 batch student from civil branch and I want to crack gate 2017 exam…
    Is this much sufficient for my own preparation in home?

    • Hello Alka,

      One year with full dedication is more than enough for GATE exam preparation at home. But remember full dedication is essential. Do not waste a single minute, prepare a single formula from your GATE syllabus in this short time. If you will start using this much time you will surely get your goal achieved. I am not saying do not watch TV, do not enjoy life but remember for what you are preparing, for what you have invested your 20-21 years of education. That’s it.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  41. hello sir i am Rahul Sikder,mechanical engineering student.actually sir i am in 4th semester and i want to start preparation from now onward but sir i donot no how to do because i have to do class daily .i just want to know from you that how to do preparation now onwards and tell me some best books name and study materials and tricks.it will be very helpful for me please…

  42. Dipakraj p Kalepatil

    Well … congrats for your best work.
    I am Dipakraj P kale_patil …
    Sir I am aspirant that I want to crack gate exam for 2016 …
    Now I am in last year of engineering.
    I have not prepared anything yet.
    but I have confidence that I will crack .
    It requires prior planning…can you share your help me to start preparation…..?
    you can mail me on dipakrajkale383@gmail.com
    Thank you sir.

    • Hello Dipakra,

      First make a time table for remaining 2 months. Include revision and practice time in it mainly. It’s a must.
      Solve previous years papers precisely. If possible join a good test series which will also help you in your GATE 2016 exam preparation in this short period.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  43. Sir,
    I Am working in an MNC and want to clear GATE 2016 (Civil Engg )
    Now Hardly 50 Days are remaining.
    Please Give me tips and method of studying in so less time.
    Reply Soon

    • Hello Gaurav,

      First make a time table for remaining 2 months. Include revision and practice time in it mainly. It’s a must.
      Solve previous years papers precisely. If possible join a good test series which will also help you in your GATE 2016 exam preparation in this short period.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

  44. sir,which part we should the most from the point of view to gate,(Theory or numericals).If we are going through the numericals except theory then,how much it will matter for me? Thanks

    • Hello hament,

      GATE exam is based on numerical problems mainly. Nearly 70-80% problems in GATE paper are numerical but numericals can not be solved easily if you don’t know about their base and base can only be strong by making strong your theory part. I hope you are getting my point.

      Feel free to ask if you need any help in future & join us @ Google+ / Facebook for getting regular updates.

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