How much Marks / Rank in GATE for PSU ?

“How much gate score required for psus?
How much gate marks required ongc, ntpc, pgcil etc.?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. 
Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

 Marks / Rank in GATE for PSUs  – There are many candidates who are preparing GATE exam for getting selection in PSUs like ONGC, NTPC, PGCIL, HPCL, IOCL etc. Every year there are nearly 30 PSUs recruit on the basis of GATE score.

Many candidates have asked us that how much marks one should score out of 100 to get interview call from PSUs. Before explaining more about this topic, I would like to explain you on what factors your interview call in PSUs depends. There are some key factors on which your interview call in PSUs depends which are as follows :
(1) Your branch of engineering (i.e., EE, EC, ME, CE).
(2) Your category (i.e., UR, OBC, SC, ST).
(3) Number of seats notified by a certain PSU for a particular branch of engineering in a certain year (i.e., 2023).
(4) Number of total seats notified by all PSUs for a particular branch of engineering in a certain year (i.e., 2023).
(5) Difficulty level of GATE paper in a certain year of your branch of engineering (i.e., 2023).

So, By analysing above points you will find that it is really a difficult task to tell you about how much marks one should score in GATE 2023 to get a call from PSUs ? Let me explain you little more clearly. When you go through the marks obtained by GATE toppers in previous years you will find that toppers marks very either by some points or marks because it depends upon some factors like difficulty level of GATE paper, normalization of marks etc. Marks of some popular branch toppers of various years is given below.

GATE Rank v/s Marks

Electrical Engineering (EE)
Rank Year  Marks 
1 2022 92.67
1 2021 85.33
1 2020 87.33
1 2019 97.33
1 2018 94.00
1 2017 81.25
1 2016 88.38
1 2015 75.96
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Rank Year  Marks 
1 2022 90.05
1 2021 93.22
1 2020 86.88
1 2019 94.75
1 2018 96.83
1 2017 94.85
1 2016 94.66
1 2015 98.33
Electronics & Communication Engineering (E&C)
Rank Year  Marks 
1 2022 78.00
1 2021 82.00
1 2020 82.00
1 2019 89.00
1 2018 80.67
1 2017 83.83
1 2016 86.27
1 2015 85.02
Computer Science & Information technology (CS&IT)
Rank Year  Marks 
1 2022 81.00
1 2021 87.81
1 2020 91.00
1 2019 88.67
1 2018 83.30
1 2017 86.38
1 2016 85.95
1 2015 85.85

So from the above analysis we find that marks of topper vary year by year similarly marks required for getting selection in PSUs also varies year by year because it also depends upon various factors, some of them is written above.

Here using the below tables you can get an idea about upto which GATE rank you can get a call from PSUs and what GATE score would be defined as good or bad for your performance in GATE 2023 examination. 

GATE Rank v/s PSUs Call

GATE Rank Chance Level
Upto 10 Call from all PSUs
Upto 100 Call from almost all PSUs
Upto 500 Miss some PSUs
Upto 1000 Call from few PSUs
Above 1000 Call from very few PSUs

GATE Rank v/s Performance Level

GATE Score Ability Level
800 to 1000 Outstanding
675 to 800 Excellent
550 to 675 Very good
425 to 550 Good
300 to 425 Above average
100 to 300 Average
Below 100 Below average

However we have provided many PSUs & Govt. Organization cut-off marks for various posts notified in previous years. You may check such PSUs & Govt. Organization cut-off marks using the link given below.

Conclusions provided above are for General Categories. OBC candidates can multiply each of the ranks by 2 and SC/ST candidates can multiply each of the ranks by 5 to get a realistic view. PSUs interview shortlist criterion is 1:6 to 1:10 depending on the PSU and number of vacancy notified for a particular year. So if there are 50 vacancies total for a particular year & for a particular branch of engineering then they will atleast call 300 candidates for GD & PI.

#Note : These are general statistics, most appropriate for the popular departments like Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in their most popular and common courses. For more details you may check concern companies website.

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Marks/Rank in GATE for PSU FAQs

What GATE score/rank is required to get a job in PSUs?

The GATE score/rank required to get a job in PSUs varies depending on the PSU and the specific discipline. Different PSUs have their own eligibility criteria, and they may consider GATE scores/ranks as one of the factors for shortlisting candidates. The cutoff scores/ranks for PSU recruitment can vary each year.

How is GATE score used for PSU recruitment?

PSUs often use GATE scores as a screening criterion to shortlist candidates for further selection stages such as interviews or group discussions. The weightage given to GATE scores in the overall selection process may vary among different PSUs.

Can I apply for PSUs if my GATE score is below the cutoff?

The eligibility criteria for PSUs may include minimum GATE score/rank cutoffs. If your GATE score is below the specified cutoff, you may not be eligible to apply for certain PSUs. However, some PSUs may have relaxation or different criteria, so it's best to check the specific eligibility requirements mentioned in their recruitment notifications.

Is GATE score the only factor considered for PSU recruitment?

While GATE score is an important factor, PSU recruitment processes often involve multiple stages, including interviews, group discussions, and/or written tests. These stages may carry additional weightage, along with the GATE score, in determining the final selection.

Do all PSUs consider GATE scores for recruitment?

Not all PSUs consider GATE scores for recruitment. While many PSUs use GATE scores as part of their selection process, some PSUs conduct their own separate entrance exams or have their own eligibility criteria. It is important to check the specific requirements of each PSU.

Can I apply to PSUs even if I did not appear for GATE?

If a PSU's recruitment notification states that they consider GATE scores, it is typically necessary to have a valid GATE score to apply. However, some PSUs may conduct their own entrance exams, in which case you can apply even if you didn't appear for GATE.

Do all PSUs have the same GATE cutoff scores/ranks?

No, the GATE cutoff scores/ranks for PSU recruitment can vary among different PSUs. Each PSU determines its own cutoff scores/ranks based on factors such as the number of vacancies, the number of applicants, and the performance of candidates in GATE.

Are the GATE cutoff scores/ranks different for each discipline?

Yes, the GATE cutoff scores/ranks can vary for each discipline and PSU. Different disciplines may have different levels of competition and varying numbers of vacancies in PSUs, leading to variations in the cutoff scores/ranks.

Can a good GATE score guarantee a PSU job?

While a good GATE score is an essential requirement for PSU recruitment, it does not guarantee a job. The selection process may involve multiple stages, including interviews or group discussions, where candidates are further evaluated for their technical knowledge, aptitude, and other skills.

Can I apply to multiple PSUs using the same GATE score?

Yes, you can apply to multiple PSUs using the same GATE score. Different PSUs release their own recruitment notifications, and you can submit separate applications to the PSUs you are interested in. However, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of each PSU before applying.


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